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The Hygiene Company is a leading hygiene products supplier with a range of innovative hygiene products including wet wipes, wipes dispensers, antimicrobial soap, hand driers and hygiene monitors. Nothing exemplifies innovation more than the WIPEPOD® which remains the world’s best commercial impregnated wipes dispenser, and the new Hygiene360 real-time washroom monitoring system, which we believe is the world’s best solution to meet hygiene compliance needs, including a cleaning countdown and customer feedback.

Visit our website to see our range of washroom and feedback monitors (, as well as our dedicated Hygiene360 website and portal at We also stock our latest range of products: stainless steel dispensers and biodegradable wet wipes

Company Profile

  • Our range of monitoring and compliance technologies

    Our monitoring and compliance technologies are now under our new ‘Grange Technologies’ banner, which has come about because of an increase in demand for monitoring systems across many industries. This has led to us develop products beyond our core ‘hygiene’ range.

    Our primary product in the Grange Technologies range is Hygiene360.  Hygiene360 provides a visible countdown to the next cleaning due time, and records when an area has been cleaned. Hygiene360 also includes enhanced customer feedback, customer and staff issue reporting, and our best-ever footfall device. Our all-new dynamic routelist, also means you can be sure you are targeting the right location at the right time. This can be integrated with Footfall247, our footfall tracking technology which can be installed quickly and is our most accurate footfall device ever.

    We also offer a kiosk-based feedback system, Feedback247, suitable for a variety of locations and uses. Our kiosk stand really draws attention to the feedback unit where a fully customisable survey allows your customers to leave feedback on anything you need to know.

    Hygiene360Lite is our all-new innovation. An enhanced version of our popular Hygiene Monitor range, Hygiene360Lite is a battery operated, IoT SIM connected device which offers improved configuration management with an online management and data portal and enhanced shift management for more flexible operation. Our Hygiene Monitors remain as popular and as important as ever, playing a key role in visible hygiene compliance.

  • Wipes and Dispensers

    We offer a range of antibacterial, recyclable and biodegradable wipes for a variety of fuses. Our Hygiene Wipes, suitable for hand and surface, kill and remove 99.99% of germs and bacteria in seconds. Hygiene Wipes supplied by The Hygiene Company are created with quality in mind, which means they often last longer and work more efficiently compared to competitor brands. Kitchen Wipes are safe to use in catering environments, including inside and outside of appliances, sinks, kitchen tiles, splash backs, stovetops, range hoods and more for a thorough clean.

    Our range of dispensers can be free standing or wall mounted and include the WIPEPOD, the Cleaning Station, the Wet Wipes Station and a stainless steel range.

  • Hand sanitisers

    We have a wide range of alcohol and alcohol-free handwash, available as foamers or sprays. Our popular Liquidate hand foam is an alcohol-based hand cleaning gel, enriched with Aloe Vera and Silver Biocide for enhanced cleaning and protection.


Wipepod® Wet Wipes Dispenser

The Award-Winning Wipepod® For a low-cost, practical and hugely effective multipurpose hygiene system, businesses of all types can rely on the Wipepod®. Improve customer confidence, reduce waste and save time and money with our innovative wet …


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