The Voyage Team

The Voyage Team is a Leader in Providing Digital Solutions for Companies Operating in the Transport Sector

The Voyage Team is part of the Piksel Group and for over 10 years has specialised in creating technological solutions that help travel terminal operators maximize the value of every customer interaction. Our mission is driving up passenger footfall, revenues and loyalty through integrated customer-centric digital solutions.

The Voyage Team has been helping some of Europe’s leading airports to improve their performance thanks to its innovative digital solutions that aim to make every journey easier. Clients include Heathrow, Gatwick, Milan and Rome airports.

Our innovative, motivated and multi-skilled teams based in York, Milan and Catania have developed cutting-edge solutions to support the travel industry. By combining quality and efficiency, we have been able over the years to add value to our customers’ requirements and to create tailored solutions to fit their needs.

Company Profile

  • Mobile App for an improved travel experience

    The Voyage Team has developed an improved transport hub experience for passengers with a Mobile App. It integrates with retail, food & beverage and travel partners giving the passenger an improved experience that will increase engagement while also providing valuable passenger insight and information. Moreover, its layout and user experience is all customisable.

    Built on a framework- oriented architecture for iOS and Android, The Voyage Team’s mobile app is designed to bring all travel hub information and services together into a unified experience that sits in the users’ hand.

    The Passenger journey app can be customised in order to fit the brand identity of any travel hub. It also can be integrated with any AODB or any other service that an airport already has in its ecosystem. The Mobile App fully integrates with all the native features that any smartphone has like biometric authentication, push notifications and augmented reality features.

    For travel hubs with retails partners, it can send targeted push notifications to passengers to enable proximity marketing campaigns. Thanks to its integration with Piksel’s Beacon manager, airports can manage indoor navigation features, marketing campaigns or enable click & collect functionality.

    Transport hubs will be able to build up far more accurate pictures of the passengers that travel with them, enabling further improvements to hub services and enhancing the quality of passenger’s travel experiences.

  • iFIDS: intelligent flight information display system

    The Voyage Team has developed an innovative Flight Information Display System (FIDS). iFIDS facilitates display of crucial flight information alongside other content like advertising, videos and newsfeeds. It makes the journey experience easier for passengers while becoming an important communication channel for the airport’s advertising and information diffusion.

    Our iFIDS solution allows airports to customise content on each screen to be easily and efficiently edited. The iFIDS editor is our flexible and efficient solution that enables content editors to manage a variety of requirements.

    Our solution can use different languages and is capable to manage multiple kind of media (images, videos, presentations and so on) and displays (including LCD and LED screens).

    iFIDS is designed to display all the flight data, check-in and gate info, baggage belt assignments and other tourist or travel information like bus rides, trains or parking availability around different locations inside and outside the airport.

    The use of The Voyage Team’s iFIDS gives airports the opportunity to reduce communication costs and to make the journey experience inside the airport more effective by eliminating time-wasting since all the required information is clearly showed in the right place at the right moment.

  • Smart Voice Assistants for the travel sector

    The Voyage Team has developed some voice-based services that meet the specific needs of travel terminal operators – from the seamless combination of high-volume data streams to the development of voice interfaces that can quickly and easily interpret complex alphanumeric information like flight numbers.

    The Voyage Team’s experience in developing voice-based skills for operators such as Heathrow Airport has given us unrivalled insight into the difficulties inherent in converting alphanumeric data into accessible, comprehensible customer-facing information. Our in-depth development expertise means that we are ideally placed to take data from multiple ingest points and re-apply it across a wide range of systems and platforms.

    The use of Voice-based software and services to provide up to date information is a better, faster and more engaging customer experience.

    Our solution includes the design, development, improvement and testing of Voice Smart Assistants. Thanks to its cloud based approach, each smart assistant can be easily integrated with your AODB or third party APIs.

    Moreover, this new customer touchpoint can be easily integrated with a vast range of back-end systems and other services.

  • Chatbot for the travel sector

    The Voyage Team has developed a Chatbot Framework that can cover all phases in the customer journey from initial enquiry, through to sale and after care services. In this way, travel hubs can respond rapidly to travellers enquires in a language they understand and through a channel they are comfortable with to create the best possible journey experience.

    This Chatbot, Piksie, has been created to fit the requirements of people from different countries. For this reason, thanks to the integration with Google’s DialogFlow, Amazon Lex and Microsoft’s LUIS, it can talk more than 15 languages, including English, French, Spanish and Italian.

    One of its main features is its easy third-party integration. In fact, it is a flexible, fully customisable, cloud-based application that can be easily integrated with WebSites, Mobile apps, IVR and all major messenger services including Facebook’s Messenger, Telegram, Slack and Skype.

    Its user-friendly web dashboard allows an easy customisation of all dialogues between Piksie’s AI and passengers. It also offers an easy way to customise dialogue for the idiosyncrasies of specific languages.

    Piksie is a reliable companion for any passenger journey. By opening up new communication channels to passengers the deployment of the Chatbot relieves pressures on call centre volumes and allows the users to have a fast and efficient service.

  • Airports Cargo Ecosystem

    This service digitalises the Cargo Ecosystem allowing processes to be optimised. This system helps reduce time wasted, develops more efficient processes and transforms airport freight yards into a “Smart City”.

    The Cargo Ecosystem allows the airport to create a well-connected network among all the involved parties (Cargo Agents, Ground Handlers, Carriers, Custom agents etc.). Each of them will be able to receive real-time information on goods’ time of arrival, flights schedules, deliveries, data and so on. This contributes to create an optimised operations management, by reducing paper documents and, consequently, time and cost wastage.

    This service facilitates the reduction of the manual data input by digitalising all the processes. Consequently, errors linked to data transfer or input duplication are reduced, so providing more precise data.

    The Cargo Ecosystem services are easy to consult through the use of our Mobile app that allows users to track the conveyors inside the cargo area, optimise the import/export up of the good, control each movement and increase the security checks.

    It has been developed to ensure security and privacy. All the data can be consulted only by the authorised personnel through the use of private credentials. Moreover, the data transmission is constantly protected thanks to the employment of most recent transmission standards to the core system.

  • Passenger Journey Planner

    The Voyage Team has developed a Passenger Journey Planner app that enables travel terminal operators to deliver valuable journey planning solutions to their passengers in real time, offering ticket sales, routing information, through to booking long stay parking and onward journey planning.

    Operators may benefit from significant revenues’ increase with upsell opportunities. In fact, the Journey Planner helps to maximise revenues from existing and new services by offering relevant integrations with coach, train, taxi and other travel providers.

    The adoption of this efficient solution will result in an improved customer service and loyalty since it will help to control the customer experience, by keeping the passenger engaged and loyal, always using the Journey Planner services for planning and booking.

    The TVT Journey Planner provides increased intelligence and insights, giving a better understanding of where passengers are going to, coming from and the challenges they have on their journeys. As a consequence, the data provided can help shape new transport services and support targeted promotions.

    The Voyage Team’s Journey Planner is a white label solution, technologically agnostic, cloud based and integrated to a wide range of third parties.

  • Airport Parking Yield Management

    The Voyage Team has developed a Yield Management platform that provides multiple functions to improve the efficiency of the parking operations. Thanks to an evolutionary algorithm, it provides dynamic pricing based on your historical data. This solution helps to create targeted reports and increase revenues and could be easily integrated with different sales channels.

    The yield management platform is the first solution on the market that uses a Machine learning approach to estimate the right fee for the customers. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, it is possible to tune parking rates daily or hourly and increase revenues by finding the perfect balance between demand and price.

    The yield management platform has been developed with the aim of making parking management within airports as easy as possible. It uses an attractive and easy-to-use graphic layout that allows you to optimise the organisation of your operations.

    Moreover, it provides some simple and clear graphics that include all the information and the data collected. It facilitates an understand of the day-to-day availability of the parking lots as well as which resellers have the best sales.

    This service gives the possibility to provide additional and complementary services to the channels linked to the sale of airports’ parking slot. This allows the creation of an integrated network among the different third party e-commerce solution (SAP Hybris, Magento, etc) via APIs.

  • Websites and E-commerce

    The Voyage Team has the expertise and the knowledge to manage different technologies to develop websites that include E-commerce features.

    The E-commerce solution is an integrated management system that allows the sale of products and services online. For example in an airport environment, this could include sale and management of parking areas, the services catalogue (Fast Tracks, Vip Lounges, Car Valets, Welcome Vip, Parking Areas) and to manage bookings.

    E-commerce supports different payment gateways, produces e-tickets with barcode by means of an integration with parking systems, creates PDF invoices and it communicates with ERP systems.

    In addition, it generates important reports useful to analyze the revenues trend, customers funnel engagement, desertion rate, statistics on different customer preferences and parking saturation level during different periods of the year.

    Data produced can be analyzed by Decision support system in order to provide the management with rational for business strategies and feed the yield management engine for a better prediction of the fees.


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