Traka plc

Intelligent Asset Management for Airport Environments

Precise control and management of valuable assets is of paramount importance within any fast paced, yet highly secure airport environment.

Traka’s intelligent solutions enable you to better manage access to your keys, tools, equipment and vehicle fleet – and by integrating with your existing access control systems if required, we can ensure that all assets are returned before your staff leave site.

Company Profile

  • Airport Key Management

    • Control access to site and facility keys, and secure areas, for better security
    • Restrict access to specific keys for individual staff and contractors
    • Require multi-level authorisation in order to release critical keys
    • Report on key usage, identify when keys are taken and returned, and by whom
    • Automatically alert and notify when keys are not returned on time
  • Fleet Management

    • Prevent unauthorised staff from driving support and specialist vehicles
    • Always know exactly who was driving each vehicle and when
    • Report on mileage, fuel, hours used, and even where the vehicle is parked
    • Enforce alcohol testing for drivers before their vehicle keys are released
    • Vehicle defects reported by the user automatically generate alerts to the service team and can lock-out user access to vehicles with serious faults
    • Warn, then lock-out, drivers whose licenses expire
  • Radio Management

    • Handsets are securely stored preventing theft or malicious damage
    • Radios are available 24/7, to authorised users only
    • Users are fully accountable, resulting in fewer losses and less damage
    • RFID tagging ensures every radio is uniquely identified and managed
    • In-locker battery charging ensures handsets are always ready for use
  • Asset Management

    • Manage and control the use of shared portable equipment more effectively
    • Ideal for laptops, data terminals, scanners, cameras and specialist equipment
    • Improve shift start-ups by ensuring important equipment is in place and ready to use – minimise staff requirements to supervise and issue resources
    • Deposit important paperwork, making it readily available 24/7 to selected staff
    • Use our software to manage, control and report on usage, with confidence


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