Unitechnik Systems

Automatic Systems for Cargo and Baggage Handling and Airline Catering.

Unitechnik Systems is a market leader in material flow and logistic systems in and around airports operating on an international scale. Our range of services starts with manual or semi-automatic systems for smaller airports and forwarding agents and extends to turnkey, fully automatic systems for cargo and baggage handling and airline catering.





Company Profile

  • Cargo Handling Systems

    Unitechnik Systems provides complete cargo handling systems on a turnkey basis. We are developing custom-made solutions which answer operational and economic needs. Our design considers the environmental conditions as well as local requirements. It is our goal to assist our clients throughout the entire project. This also includes after-sales service.

    Our range of products includes total control of the equipment throughout the automation hierarchy. We provide turnkey solutions, starting from basic controls right up to the host computer system.

    Unitechnik Systems is proud of its flexibility in providing highly mechanised systems. We offer 15 ft or 20 ft systems on the basis of either roller deck type or fork type ETVs. These possibilities enable investments to be minimised and utilisation and operation to be maximised.

    Additionally, the degree of automation is flexible to match the clients’ present requirements and grow with future changes.

  • Flexible Terminal Equipment

    Unitechnik Systems provides manual or semi-automatic cargo handling solutions for smaller airports and forwarding agents. We offer the complete range of decks, pallets, ball mats and workstations that is needed to handle ULDs manually. The Pallet Mover ESG 7700 is the ideal supplement.

    Unitechnik Systems offers the world’s first stand-alone freely moving multi‑functional transport vehicle, the X-MOVER. It combines the skills of a TV and an ETV with the features of a truck dock, a dolly dock, a slave pallet mover and a terminal input station for ULDs, making the X-MOVER a powerful “decathlete” in air cargo disciplines.

    Unitechnik Systems has also developed the X-Ray Box. It is the world’s first stand-alone “plug & play” unit for flexible checked baggage screening. The X-Ray Box consists of two containerised units fully equipped and furnished for industrial and office use, including all the safety gear and security features required for persons working within this environment.

  • Material Handling Systems to In-flight Catering Systems

    Unitechnik Systems offers material handling solutions for in-flight catering facilities. We design and realise conveying systems for carts, bins and pallets as well as automatic warehouses for dishes and cutlery. We provide turnkey solutions, including warehouse management systems and material flow computers.

    We can provide airports with conveying and warehousing systems for many other purposes, for example the efficient storage of spare parts.


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