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Tamper Evident Airport & Airline Security Seals, Cable Seals, Identification Ties & Security Labels

Universeal UK is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a complete range of identification ties, labels and security seals for the aviation industry, including applications for airports, airlines, and cargo handlers.

We have over twenty-five years of experience, developing innovative and customer-focused tamper-evident products which solve the real-world problems of our valued, long-standing customers.

We are proud to retain a UK manufacturing capability for flexible and efficient customization of our products, as well as worldwide production facilities to maintain our reputation for unparalleled quality and value.

Our team consists of experienced transport security professionals offering expertise in security seals for the aviation industry, tamper-evident labels & tape, identification ties for waste and recycling, in-flight security, and many more.

In particular, our products are used in the following areas:

  • Security for all cargo movements, including the sealing of air cargo containers, lorry doors, crates and more;
  • Security for all manner of in-flight operations, including duty-free trolleys, safety and storage cabinets;
  • Sealing grounded aircraft doors & hatches;
  • Secure sealing and identification of sacks and bags, including cabin waste recycling sacks;
  • Sealing high-value/sensitive assets or documents with single-use or re-useable polythene/PVC security cash bags and pouches

Our quality products and customer-driven service is exceptional and we invite you to contact us to discuss your own particular requirements.

Company Profile

  • High-Security Bolt & Cable Seals for Cargo Movements

    For shipping containers, our flagship Locktainer bolt seals offer strong, cost-effective ISO17712 security for all container movements. We hold large UK and European stocks, and can customize with bespoke colours, logos, numbering and configurations. Please click here for further details.

    Cable seals are adjustable length seals featuring unparalleled strength, security and tamper-evidence for heavy-duty and high-value applications in the aviation industry. Typical applications include air cargo crates, containers, high-value airline duty-free trolleys, airport logistics movements, and many more.

    Our range of Flexigrip cable seals is one of the most well-established on the market, constantly evolving to provide sophisticated security in the face of modern threats.

    Flexigrip cable seals are available in a full range of cable diameters, from lightweight 1.5mm to heavy-duty 5mm cables, tailored to your specific needs. Diameters over 3.25mm are fully certified to ISO17712 and CT-PAT standards, for global customs movements. As standard, cable seals are produced from galvanized aircraft cable and aluminium bodies – but we are also able to produce with ABS plastic-bodies, if preferred.

    Universeal UK has a large stock of cable seals available in a range of cable lengths and diameters for fast and efficient deliveries. We also pride ourselves in the level of flexibility and customization we are able to offer customers. We offer custom cable lengths, bespoke customer logos, barcodes, markings; and for faster lead times we are one of few manufacturers able to customise in our UK facility. Please click here for details.

  • Indicative Plastic Pull-tight & Fixed-length Security Seals

    Our comprehensive range of indicative, plastic pull-through, fixed-length and padlock seals provide low-cost solutions for a wide variety of sealing applications.

    They are available in many different shapes and sizes: from light duty fire-extinguisher seals and first aid box seals to robust trailer door seals and airline cargo crate security, Universeal has the right product to fit your application. Our products range from easy-to-break, low pull-strength seals to heavy-duty, high-pull strength (50KgF+) plastic seals which require cutting tools to remove.

    Our security seals are often used on food & drink catering carts, duty-free trolleys, tote boxes, aircraft doors and hatches, fire extinguishers, life jackets, recycling and waste/refuse sacks, medical boxes and airline safety cabinets.

    We can customize all of our indicative plastic seals with your information, including custom markings, logos, bar-coding, and bespoke number ranges.

    Please click here for further details on our range.

  • Printed Identification Ties and Fasteners

    We are the premier manufacturer of a range of printed identification ties, which can be used in a wide range of aviation applications to seal, fasten, identify and track. Applications include sealing of waste sacks, identification and audit of airline equipment, and in a wide range of ground operation applications. Our Flagship Tab Tie product is manufactured and printed in the UK for efficient and flexible lead times and customization. Our Tab Ties are available in many colours, two sizes, and with complete print customization – our thermal transfer machines can produce bespoke logos, markings, numbering and bar-codes.

    We have also printed traditional cable ties for over twenty-five years, and are a major supplier to some of the largest NHS, bank and airport clients within the UK and beyond. Our printed cable ties are available in a range of sizes from 140mm to 370mm, and can be customized with bespoke markings and number sequences.

    Please click here for further information.

  • Security Envelopes and Pouches

    Our single-use polythene security pouches and re-usable PVC pouches, bags and holdalls are suitable for enclosing and sealing a wide variety of valuable, sensitive or confidential items / documents within the airline and airport industries. Examples include sealing and securing cash handled in processing in-flight duty-free purchases, storage and transport of passenger valuables, single-use sealable duty-free shopping bags, and more.

    We offer a full customization service – we are able to work with our customer’s on their own security bag design, and can manufacture according to the dimensions, material, configuration, colour and print specification required for the particular application.

    Please click here for more information.


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