VALIS Engineering

Airport Noise Reduction, Ground Run-up Enclosures, Blast Fences and Jetblast Deflectors

We are specialists in the complete range of noise reduction walls, noise enclosures, airside safety fences and blast deflectors.

VALIS Engineering has over 20 years of experience in industrial acoustics and a portfolio of over 600.000 m2 of installed noise barriers.

Our airport solutions comprise several products and services:

  • Jet-wake deflectors
  • Movable jet-blast deflectors
  • Portable blast safety fences
  • Ground run-up enclosures
  • Noise enclosures
  • Noise reduction screens

Our engineering group is fully integrated, from design to manufacturing and from installation to maintenance. You can rest assured of a full life-cycle guarantee for all our solutions.

Company Profile

  • Airport Expansion – Jet-blast Protection and Noise Reduction

    Airport expansion projects today are met with increasing challenges due, not only to their impact on populations, but also due to the impact the construction period causes on airport operation.

    Minimizing these problems is itself a challenge as some have multiple reflexes, from safety issues inside the airport to noise levels affecting the neighboring populations.

    In most airport expansion projects space is a valued asset, not readily available and most times limited by the continuing airport operation. The use of movable jet-blast deflector fences is essential to the safety of the construction sites as well as the airside operation. Recent developments in the technology have brought noise reduction characteristics to jet wake deflectors thus improving their application range and offering more value to stakeholders.

    Airside Operational Safety – Jet-blast Protection and Noise Reduction

    VALIS Engineering designs and supplies a complete range of Jet-blast protection products, from fixed and movable jet-blast deflectors to noise and blast deflecting screens.

    VALIS’s blast fences, blast deflectors and noise screens are designed for full power engine operations. Radar neutrality and ILS compatibility are achieved with our range of fiberglass blast deflectors.

  • Noise Reduction and Infrastructure Management

    Noise reduction is an on-going concern for airports and a major environmental issue that is closely watched by legislators and communities.

    Noise management programs are an integral part of airport management and have had great repercussions on traffic management and ground operations in recent years. Noise originating from MRO operations is much harder to manage as Engine ground run-up testing is an integral part of aircraft maintenance and it is also a great cause of high noise disturbance for communities, passengers and airport staff.

    Evaluating an investment in noise reduction / abatement structures is also a dificult task for infrastructure managers as choosing and designing a Ground Run-up Enclosure may implicate limitations on future growth of the operation or demand an upfront investment that will only be useful years in the future.

  • Upgradable Ground Run-up Enclosure

    With most Ground Run-up Enclosures airport infrastructure managers are faced with the need for an investment that as little or no return but is an absolute requirement for the welfare of the community and the environmental regulations.

    Beside noise reduction this investment decision must also take into account the characterization of limiting aircraft, number of run-ups, predominant wind directions and available space on the airport.

    In an ever changing business environment, optimization of this investment can be achieved by choosing a VALIS upgradable Ground Run-up Enclosure. VALIS GRE’s are designed for each ICAO aircraft class but allow for class upgrades with comparable little future investment. Why over-invest in an infrastructure when it is now possible to spend gradually as your airport requirement grows?


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