Jet Fuel and Avgas Filtration and Separation / Jet Fuel Filter Separator

The Velcon Filtration Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation provides liquid filtration and separation solutions for aviation, industrial, and electrical utility applications. For over 60 years Velcon fuel filters have also been supplied to oil companies, airlines, fixed base operators, and military locations around the world.

Velcon also manufactures oil filtration products and solutions used in turbine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, and many other types of oil to remove contaminants and free water. Velcon filters, filter systems and filtration equipment are known worldwide as the best quality filters, providing customers with clean dry jet fuel, avgas, bulk diesel fuel, transformer oil, and many other oils and solvents.

Company Profile

  • Jet Fuel and Avgas Filtration and Separation Specialist

    First Stage Coalescers and Second Stage Separators qualified to EI 1581 5th Edition Specifications and Qualification Procedures for Aviation Jet Fuel Filter/Separators

    Velcon Filtration Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation has developed a number of coalescers and separators qualified to the latest edition of EI 1581 (formerly API/IP 1581). The coalescers are part numbers I-6xxC5 (TB), I-6xxMM, and I-6xxA4 Series. Coalescers, the first stage of filtration, incorporate multi-layered pleated media designed to provide superior dirt holding capacity in the field, combined with 0.4 micron efficiency, and are available in either threaded base or open-end configuration. Please refer to Velcon data sheet #1732.

    The separators, SO-6xxV5, SO-6xxPV5, and SO-6xxVA5, are Teflon® coated screen cartridges. To achieve optimum flow distribution in the second stage of filtration, these cartridges incorporate a variable hole pattern inner tube combined with a uniform hole pattern outer tube specifically designed for installation in vertical filter/separators. Please refer to Velcon data sheet #1521.

    Compact, flexible and multipurpose filtration with the Vel-Max® vessel

    The compact Vel-Max® Filter Vessel is suitable for flow rates up to 200 gpm, depending on the application. The Vel-Max® can be used on mobile refueling equipment, fuelling cabinets and for fixed fuelling installations, for jet fuel, avgas, diesel and biodiesel fuels, motor gasoline and kerosene filtration. Vel-Max® is designed for easy maintenance and easy conversion to a prefilter, filter/separator, or monitor, depending on which type of filtration cartridges are placed inside. Its features include carbon steel construction and an epoxy coated interior and exterior. Please refer to Velcon data sheet # 1961.

  • Jet Fuel and Avgas Filtration and Separation Specialist

    Velcon Contaminant Analyzer (VCA®) the final stage quality check for fuel –

    The Velcon Contaminant Analyzer (VCA®) is a patented laser sensing device that detects water and solids in fuels for a final stage quality check downstream of the last filtration, or as a check for fuel being delivered off transport. The VCA® uses specialized sensing technology to insure that the fuel being loaded onto the aircraft or other vehicle, or into storage is clean and dry. In the presence of wet and/or dirty fuel, the system will shut down the fuelling operation. Alerts to the user will prevent no more than a minimal amount of wet or dirty fuel reaching the plane. Please refer to Velcon data sheet #1964.

  • Jet Fuel and Avgas Filtration and Separation Specialist

    Velcon’s Flow Differential Pressure Module (FDPM™) takes the guesswork out of calculating normalized (corrected) DP in filtration systems

    When a filtration system is operated at lower than the maximum flow rate of a vessel, it is important to calculate the normalized differential pressure for the actual flow rate. Velcon’s FDPM™ eliminates the complicated calculation normally necessary by automatically calculating the condition of the filters inside a vessel with the inputs of differential pressure and flow-rate.

    The FDPM™ removes the human element involved in taking the necessary data, making the calculation, and deciding what to do with that information. It has an automatic cut-off that will stop flow as soon as filters have exceeded their life cycle, with no need to continuously monitor their condition. Please refer to Velcon data sheet #1966

  • Jet Fuel and Avgas Filtration and Separation Specialist

    Differential Pressure Module (DPM™)

    The DPM control unit continuously monitors the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet of a filter monitor or filter water separator vessel. Whether static or onboard hydrant carts or refuelers, the DPM monitors the condition of the filter elements. In the event that the filter differential pressure reaches maximum allowable pressure, the industrial strength relay onboard the DPM control unit breaks the deadman circuit, effectively terminating the refueling operation. The system can only be overridden by inserting a supervisor key as specified by the JIG No. 58 bulletin. The DPM can also be placed in an override status in order to conduct the required DP Gauge free movement test.

    • Low Cost
    • Simple Installation
    • Full Compliance with JIG Bulletin No. 58
    • Mobile or Fixed Installation
    • Removes Human Judgment Regarding Condition of Filters
    • Works with a Variety of Pressure Inputs Including Differential Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transducers and Momentary Switches
    • Easy Upgrade to Flow Differential Pressure Module (FDPM®) MKII (monitors “flow corrected” differential pressure)


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