Veldeman Structure Solutions

Aircraft Hangars, Cargo Handling Buildings, Temporary Terminal Structures

Airport facility solutions: aircraft hangars, cargo handling buildings, temporary terminal structures.

Veldeman Structure Solutions designs and manufactures aluminum and steel framed fabric structures. Fabric structures are the perfect solution when you are planning to acquire an aircraft hangar, a cargo facility  or e.g. an arrival/departure building but  are not sure about its long term use or location.

Our semi-permanent structures are designed for permanent use but they perfectly adapt to your changing business environment because you can move them to another location.

This is possible because of our membrane-to-frame technology. Both standard and custom designed structures are truly modular: they can be both extended or relocated.

Our core business is the design and manufacturing of your fabric structure, but in cooperation with business partners we also deliver turnkey service upon your request. This means e.g. the completion of our structures with lighting, doors, heating, ventilation and other services.

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Hangars

    With our fabric structures, you have a durable and uncomplicated hangar solution for your aircrafts with wingspan sizes up to ca. 46 m.

    Our aluminum framed TFS (Tension Fabric Structure)  can be designed as a temporary hangar for aircraft maintenance on the spot or as a permanent hangar solution from a sun shade type up to a hangar equipped with doors, HVAC, lighting and  insulation package.

    The unique roof shape design of our TFS enables its use at the most harsh locations in the world. No super heavy steel truss structure is required to resist to high snow loads as the TFS sheds snow. Transport is very efficient. It requires up to 6 times less space compared to an equivalent sized steel hangar. In case local regulations or customer specifications require a steel hangar solution, our SFS (Steel Fabric Structure) can provide you the solution you are looking for.

  • Hangars for Airports

    At existing airports, implementing a new hangar is not an easy task as it has to comply with many airport regulations. Limited radar visibility is one important aspect. Here our fabric structures give you more freedom to choose a location because our structural membranes are radar transparent. With a TFS or SFS hangar you have an option to deviate from the regulated height restrictions of structures close to the airstrip.

    A dedicated project team designs and engineers custom fabric structure solutions that answer your needs for hangar, cargo handling facility, temporary terminal structures, storage for ground support equipment or e.g. security screening.

  • Rapid Deployment Shelters

    Based on our past experience, Veldeman is considered as one of the market leaders in the supply of rapid deployment shelters and semi-permanent and permanent military hangars. Our shelters are used on a global basis and fulfill in an efficient way the needs of the military users. The shelters are designed to be air transported and can be erected without any heavy equipment, labor only. Full accessory packages, including aircraft and personnel doors, lights, ventilation and HVAC systems, are also available.

    We have provided Rapid Deployment Shelters for UN, NATO, US Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Belgium Air Force, Canadian Air Force and many more…


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