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Via Guide is the one-stop shop for all passenger flow concerns at airports. With its high-quality products and innovative solutions, Via Guide has become the market leader in European Airports. Our solutions include physical passenger guidance as well as monitoring and controlling the passenger flow. With these solutions, airports can improve the efficiency and the service quality of their passenger flow.

Via Guide manufactures superior public guidance and information systems with the ‘Made in Germany’ quality seal. The company stands out for its specialist know-how in the field of barrier posts. In close cooperation with the American partner company Lavi Industries, Via Guide identifies global trends and implements them in product innovations.

In-house product development and production have resulted in technologically mature solutions that have earned Via Guide a reputation as a leading manufacturer in the field. These include the successful implementation of customer-specific requirements. Our systems are characterised by outstanding quality and durability and guarantee high value retention.

Company Profile

  • Beltrac Belt Posts

    The optimal design of a waiting queue creates a positive, organized impression at passengers and enables high efficiency and significantly shortens perceived waiting times. Our passenger guidance systems are user friendly and easy to handle. They offer enhanced security, confidentiality procedures, simpler control and monitoring as well as an immediate visualization.

    The Beltrac post is the leading edge in designing waiting queues. It is a 4-way post with an extraction of the belt strap and three ports on a single post. The tube is a one-piece aluminium extrusion with our patented ‘dovetail’ grooves for attaching and extension with accessories to customized interior walls (Nextrac). The belt mechanism is the most durable on the market. It consists of the long-life stainless steel tension spring, the belt made of durable abrasion resistant Polyester fabric, the universal belt-end working with most other manufacturers’ stanchions and the belt retractor using advanced visco-rotational damper for a controlled belt retraction. Our mounting options allow for quick and easy setup (mobile post) or for a stable queue with reduced installation efforts with a magnetic base.

     Passenger Flow Technologies - Via Guide GmbH Passenger Guidance

  • Nextrac Dividing Wall Systems, Doors and Room Systems

    A combination of Beltrac Classic/Extend posts in different installation variations, Beltrac crossbars and filling material such as acrylic glass, aluminium composite panels and banners can be used to divide up areas, easily and with minimal effort.

    From permanently installed partition wall systems to doors with and without an emergency exit function – thanks to the flexibility of the possible combinations there are no limits to how they can be tailored to customer requirements. The Nextrac product range is ideally suited for large signposts and archways. With this individual solution tailored to a customer’s project, passenger flows can be optimally canalised. The easy-to-follow signage leads to an intuitive use of the various passenger areas and avoids congestion.

    Passenger Flow Technologies - Via Guide GmbH Passenger Guidance Passenger Flow Technologies - Via Guide GmbH Passenger Guidance

  • JetTrac Airport Trolley

    JetTrac clearly defines safe areas for passengers during boarding and quickly closes off dangerous areas. Designed for outdoor use in all weather conditions.

  • JetCart Barrier Trolley

    The JetCart is designed for outdoor use in a wide range of weather conditions. It is suitable for the quick separation of dangerous areas, especially at long distances at airports. Furthermore, the system offers storage possibilities for up to 10 pylons and approx. 8-10 chocks.

  • Qtrac Electronic Solutions

  • Queue Monitoring

    Electronic measurement of passenger flow is the key to optimising your own processes. In comparison to spot checks, a proper measurement guarantees consistent and reliable data.

    Sensors detect people accessing and exiting the queue and the passenger flow within the queue. Using statistical methods, the key figures of the queue can be determined based on ‘First in, first out’. By strategically positioning the sensors, the number of sensors required, and the associated costs can be reduced.

  • Capacity Monitoring

    Determining filling levels in areas outside queues is usually very costly, as the entire area must be covered with sensors. Through targeted measurement at access points using our 3D sensors and the integration of data from third-party systems, we determine filling levels and access frequencies with reduced installation and maintenance costs.

  • Queue Control

    This solution automates queues using our Smart Gate. It changes the walkways in the queue and thus the layout of the queue. This means that the layout always changes in the same places, without the need for human intervention.

    The Smart Gate is a revolving door integrated into a Beltrac post. One or two blades guide passengers in the queue. It is controlled either by a remote control, on which different layout variants are preconfigured, or automated by filling-level detection by our sensors or by third-party systems.

  • Flow Control

    Recognising the next available service position is usually very difficult from the passenger’s point of view. In order to avoid idle time between passengers and to improve service quality, employees are often assigned to indicate the next service position to passengers. The flow-control system enables the automation of this process with some additional functions.

    Sensors in the service areas detect whether a position is occupied or available for the next passenger. Sensors at the front of the queue measure if passengers are waiting for the call. The locally installed coordinator cyclically assigns the next service positions to passengers. This ensures an equitable distribution of the positions. The information is displayed on a screen at the exit point of the queue and with RGB indicator lights at the service positions. The system can operate several queue exit points at the same time, resulting in an optimisation of the routes. Passengers in special queues, such as Fast Track, First Class or PRM, can be prioritised. Service positions are made available that can then be used again as ‘regular’ service positions. This means that extra resources do not have to be provided.

  • Virtual Queueing

    In the event of flight cancellations and rebooking, long queues often occur at the service centres. These queues not only damage the service quality, but they also prevent the targeted processing of rebooking. With the virtual queue, it is no longer necessary to physically wait in the queue, allowing passengers to spend their time shopping or in restaurants.

    The passenger scans his or her boarding pass at one of the kiosks and gets a ticket with a personal waiting number or uses his Smartphone to register. The data can be used to make the rebooking in a targeted manner, e.g. by destination or booking class. The passenger is called via a monitor or on his or her smartphone.

  • Cleaning Control

    The Cleaning Control System allows toilets to be cleaned as required. Several factors are considered: number of users, feedback from users, start and end of cleaning and notification of defects. All this information is stored in our database. The real-time information is the basis for the analysis of the data, which can be used for cleaning as needed.

    The heart of the system is the terminal, which is attached to the wall near the toilet exit. Passengers can provide feedback on cleanliness on the main screen. The multi-stage survey logic also provides more detail about the feedback (“What was bad?”). The design of the screen is flexible and allows seamless integration into the corporate design. Employees can log in to the device using PIN codes and log on and off for cleaning. In addition, damage in the toilet can be reported directly via the device. All this data is transmitted to our server in real-time via mobile radio or WiFi.

    The inconspicuous ceiling sensor is mounted at the entrance and counts the people. The sensor also provides the power supply for the cleaning terminal. It is also available as a stand-alone device.

    All data is available in real time. This data can be displayed in different ways (e.g., on a smartphone). Mail notifications can also be sent. The data is made available on our analysis platform. Many standard reports are available for analysis.

  • Smart Baggage Vaildator

    The universal Smart Baggage Validator can be flexibly used by different airlines in check-in or gate areas to electronically determine wheather a passenger’s cabin bag meets the airline’s dimensions and weight requirements.

    The Baggage Sizer is pre-configurated to contain all the relevant airlines’ size and weight restrictions. Each airline then scans their unique barcode on their own magnetic panel (which attaches to the fram of the sizer) and the Baggage Sizer then loads the relevant data.

    When the passenger is asked to check in his or her hand baggage and gets close to the device, the battery-operated device is activeated. When the bag or suitcase is placed on the platform, the actual weight is shown on the display. The size of the bag/suitcase is displayed in the three dimensions by LED stripes shown in red and green.

  • Services

    Right from the start, we make sure that your plans work; finding the right solution for you is always the focus of our product development and innovations. Already in the initial planning stage, we assist you with our knowledge and experience. This includes an individual consultation and a binding cost calculation for the project. You are not ordering a standard system, but a tailor-made solution which our specialists develop and implement for you.

    We manufacture components that we need for every project at our production site in Arnsberg. Short distances, fast reaction times and effective production methods guarantee highly flexible production.

    Our service does not end with on-time delivery. Our assembly team is happy to take over the complete installation, or is there to support you with the details, if all you need is advice. Either way, we are on hand until your system has been successfully put into operation. Our optional maintenance service guarantees you subsequent fast assistance if you need it.


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