VoiceCollect GmbH

Digital Voice Recording and Playback for Air Traffic Control (ATC)

VoiceCollect GmbH develops, manufactures, sells and services professional Voice Recording Systems (VRS) for mission critical applications. The company is headquartered in Bad Homburg, Germany. Our Voice Recording Systems are distributed worldwide via Partners and System Integrators.

In 2024 VoiceCollect presents the new developed TACITUS Multi Media recording system for critical communications in ATC and ATM.

VoiceCollect GmbH is a privately owned, independent company.

Besides the headquarters in Bad Homburg – Germany VoiceCollect GmbH operates a service office in Southeast Asia.

The products are marketed worldwide under the VoiceCollect brand and the VoiceCollect brand is a worldwide registered trademark.

The main markets of VoiceCollect are Air Navigation Service Providers, Airports, Public Safety, Utilities and Transportation.

Deployment and commissioning, product trainings, after-sales- services and SLAs are offered by VoiceCollect or our appointed partners.

VoiceCollect stands as your qualified point of contact for all your recording needs, from mobile applications like MTWR to regional and international airports or Area Control Centres up to complex country wide solutions with geo-redundancy on virtual systems.

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Company Profile

  • TACITUS – Multi Media Recording

    • ED137 compliant
    • Unlimited number of recording sources
    • Covering all common audio, video and data sources
    • Local, network and cloud storage
    • Local and remote playback
    • Multimedia playback
    • Multichannel and Scenario playback
    • Impound tool and Offline player
    • Synchronized playback with ATM systems
    • ATG and TTW recording options
    • OS independent, optimized for deployment on VM or COTS server hardware
  • VC-MDx

    • Digital Multichannel Voice & Data Recording
    • Up to 1024 channels
    • Analogue, Digital and VoIP interfaces
    • ED137 B and C compliant
    • Ambient recording
    • Network based archiving
    • Impounding / Legal copy
    • Multichannel and Scenario playback
    • Synchronized playback with ATM systems
    • Deployment on COTS servers or virtual systems


VoiceCollect GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 5
61352 Bad Homburg
  • +49 6172 92 333 17