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The next generation of customer communication

Face-to-face. Anytime. Anywhere. Vpod brings your customers closer as you streamline your resources. Our seamless video-conferencing software and proven interactive kiosk and pod hardware solutions allow you more conversations with your customers without sacrificing quality or privacy. The future is tech. But this time it’s personal.

Vpod allows you to consolidate your digital assets such as flight information, digital signage, wayfinding, contactless payments, feedback, public transportation and car rental whilst providing live face-to-face communications, negating the need for a physical help or information desk.

Vpod: Now you’re talking


Company Profile

  • Interactive Kiosks

    With 10yrs experience in interactive kiosk technology, Vpodsolutions have unrivalled expertise in the design, manufacturing, content, software, installation and support of bespoke kiosks for busy spaces such as airports, giving customers access to key information, and face-to-face help via video chat, all with the simplicity of a smartphone interface.

    By solving many of the routine tasks such as self check in, flight information, wayfinding and help that make up the day-to-day business of an airport, free your staff and consolidate your digital signage information to truly focus on your customers needs.

    With Vpod you can:

    • Provide embedded face-to-face video chat with your advisors
    • Provide self-check via QR codes
    • Display live flight information (FIDS)
    • Provide live travel information for buses, trains and undergrounds
    • Rent a car
    • Book a taxi
    • Embedded IP telephony
    • Display advertising
    • Provide automated parking assistance
    • Allow interactive wayfinding
    • Display digital signage content
    • Take contactless payments
    • Capture customer feedback
    • Record analytics
    • Capture photo booth images
    • Online shopping


  • Virtual Assistant

    The Virtual assistant that’s always able to help 

    Vgreet is the giant smartphone style interactive kiosk you can install anywhere you want your customers to be able to engage with you via video. Make Vgreet your virtual receptionist, concierge or help / information desk and ensure that no customer query goes unanswered by connecting them face-to-face with your experts, whatever their location.

    Travellers can self check in and view up-to-the minute live information such as flights, public transportation as well as use wayfinding to navigate to their desired point of interest. No matter what the requirement, Vpod tailor your Vgreet to provide the functionality you need to ensure your customers’ experience is a great one, all built with a custom on-brand user interface by our creative team.

    Vgreet: The smartest device in customer communication


  • Pods

    Busy airports can be hard places to get business done, yet sometimes a conversation can be all that’s needed to solve problems, make purchases or get information, but how do you do that in a chaotic whirl of people and events?

    Vpod has been a market leader in privacy-pod technology for over a decade, delivering nice looking, and elegantly functioning solutions for businesses — from shopping malls to airports.

    Our manufacturing expertise means every unit will meet all relevant standards — from acoustics and connectivity to heat management and power consumption — all made with a low eco-impact production process.



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