Wise Technical

Digital Transformation Specialists in Aviation Logistics

Founded in 2014, Wise Technical provide a fresh approach to aviation project delivery and services. With an emphasis on maximising value and agile working, our experienced teams can cut through the waffle to help you achieve a better, faster, and cheaper outcome. Our capabilities are widespread with a core focus on digital transformation with bespoke IT application development and independent end-to-end product delivery support.

We believe digital transformation and the embracing of modern technology to be important for all businesses to stay competitive. We work with our partners and clients, helping them to increase value, reduce waste and maximise efficiencies. Where required, IT applications can be used to enhance productivity whilst providing a scalable platform for continuous improvement. At Wise Technical we can help integrate existing or develop bespoke systems to optimise your workflows.

Likewise, we believe a product mentality provides a better long-term vision and success for our partners and clients. With an emphasis on lean working models, our teams are built from highly skilled and versatile individuals which allow for smaller agile teams that can support and deliver large complex projects. These teams have experience from all angles of product delivery and integration, allowing us to build team mentalities with all parties involved whilst actively engaging and getting stuck in to get the job done.

Whether you are integrating a new product into a baggage system, in need of a bespoke IT application, or creating an intuitive PowerBI dashboard, Wise Technical have you covered. For more information please see www.wisetechltd.com

Company Profile

  • Solutions Development

    We believe that things can always be done better. Efficiencies can be found, quality can be improved and time costs can be reduced to fully optimise output. Our Solutions Development team is dedicated to finding long term sustainable solutions that not only understand and overcome your challenges today, but also provide capabilities to operate, measure and learn to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

    The solutions we architect ensure that processes, people and technology are brought closer together, synchronised to work in harmony throughout your value flow. These solutions are yours to own, utilise and adapt – we succeed when our new and existing clients succeed. By providing the necessary guidance, tools and support, we believe we can make a positive difference to all clients we work with.

  • Analytics

    Wise Analytics uses data to inform decisions. Our goal is to make data easy to consume through seamless data integration and reporting driven by end user experience.

    Whether providing a managed analytics platform or building on existing internal processes, our DevOps approach to data enables continuous delivery of solutions that concentrate on business value.

    Our analytics inventory includes:

    • Performance Reporting
    • Process Analysis and Improvement
    • Scenario Simulation
    • Demand Forecasting
    • Full Stack Data Platform Development
  • Product Development

    Product Development has the capability to inject the Technology element to your Processes and People, effectively turbo charging your business offering by creating scalability, traceability and business changing analytical data. Once implemented these bespoke products can become the backbone of your business due to the inherent value that products provide.

    Not only do products automate and speed up processes, they increase capacity, reduce human error and allow a leaner business model to be created. To top it off, these products allow you to monitor and identify inefficiencies in real time, it is this knowledge that allows you to measure, learn and adapt as a modern successful business.

    Our Product Development team can deliver standalone products, products that integrate with existing systems, or a suite of bespoke products that form a complete end to end system. All our products can also be offered with a custom service desk support option to ensure maximum uptime and productivity for your business.

  • Systems Integration

    In systems Integration we focus on the implementation of processes and people whilst offering support to the varying elements of Technology, specifically the Technology provided by a 3rd party supplier.

    In our experience one of the biggest problems faced is the disconnect between Processes, People and Technology. All too often the client’s internal processes, expectations and understanding differ to that of the 3rd party supplier(s), creating misalignment that results in miss communication, delays and added costs. The systems Integration team have extensive experience at managing these relationships, removing disconnects, aligning expectations, and ensuring that progress is subsequently kept on track and on budget.

    Due to the technical skillsets on offer, the team not only supports you off-site with management, but also on-site, where experienced testing is executed and reported, and a “roll your sleeves up” approach ensures a “one team” effort to getting the work done.


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