ZWINGO Waste Management GmbH

Airport Safety Waste Bins and Ashtrays

“Mit Sicherheit Zwingo”

ZWINGO Waste Management GmbH – headquartered in Berlin, was newly founded in October 2014 and is one of the leading manufacturers of TÜV certified plastic and metal safety waste bins. Our broad assortment ranges from standard waste bins with a volume of 3 litres to waste collection containers with a volume of 120 litres. In addition, we offer a large number of pedal, push and swing waste containers for a wide range of applications. Many products are available in various materials, sizes, colours and shapes.

Our national and international customers mainly come from the following industries:

  • hotel industry
  • catering
  • ship suppliers
  • healthcare sector
  • office equipment suppliers

Thanks to our many years of experience, our satisfied customers say: “Mit Sicherheit Zwingo”.

Company Profile

  • Safety Waste Bins for Airports

    Fire protection is a topic of ever increasing importance to all of us.

    Waste bins are a particular cause of concern as they are a potential source of fire due to the flammable nature of their contents. One carelessly thrown away cigarette is enough to start a fire!

    ZWINGO safety waste bins eliminate this source of danger due to their self-extinguishing properties, offering maximum protection in the event of waste bin fires.

    • Safety waste bins made of plastic are flame-retardant and with or without aluminium insert available.
    • Safety waste bins made of metal/ stainless steel/ aluminium are with flame retardant top and fire-proof. These bins are GS and German TÜV certified.
  • Safety Waste Bin Suppliers

    We supply many different kinds of bins for different usages at Airports, Conference rooms, Hotel rooms, Restaurants and Rest rooms.



  • Airport Waste Management Ashtrays

    In order to optimize and make waste separation easier we have the best solution for all your needs.

    Ashtrays for outdoor and indoor usage made of metal or stainless steel.


ZWINGO Waste Management GmbH
Meierottostr. 7
D-10719 Berlin
  • +49 (0) 30 / 343 529 08-0