Aeroporta de Brasìlia

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  • IATA Code: BSB
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  • Operator: Consórcio Inframérica
  • Location: Brazil
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Aeroporta de Brasìlia

Brasília–Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport is the only international airport serving Brasília. The airport was named after Juscelino Kubitschek, the 21st President of Brazil. It is located in the administrative region of Lago Sul, in the Federal District, operated by Inframerica.

On 2 April 1957, the presidential aircraft landed for the first time at the site and the official inauguration took place on 3 May 1957. That year, on the same location the Brasília Air Force Base was also commissioned.

In 1965 Oscar Niemeyer proposed a visionary project for Brasília Airport to replace the wooden terminal, circular, with similarity outside pillars of Alvorada Palace and subway tunnels to satelite Apron. However, he lost the concession and due to the 1964 Brazilian coup d’état, the military-government chose to build the project of Tércio Fontana Pacheco, an architect of the Brazilian Air Force Ministry. The airport is thus one of the few important buildings in Brasília that is not related to Niemeyer. This building was opened in 1971.

In 1990 Brasília International Airport underwent its first major renovation and began to gain its present form with a central body and two satellites initially planned, but only one concluded, the west wing. The first phase included the construction of an access-viaduct to the passenger terminal and metal cover inaugurated in 1992 and the first circular satellite, inaugurated in 1994, in which its form resembles an ovni disc. In the second phase, the main body of the passenger terminal was refitted to include a shopping-mall and the satellite received nine jetways. In 2005, a second runway was opened.

The former terminal for general aviation originally built in 1988 was again reviewed and transformed into Passenger Terminal 2. It was opened for traffic on 2 August 2010.

Between 2012 and 2014, the consortium INFRAMERICA invested R$ 1.2 billion: remodeling the terminal, increasing from 13 to 29 jetways and 40 to 70 airplane positions. In April 2014 the South Concourse, which serves domestic flights, was opened. Until April 2014, the terminal was capable of handling 9 million passengers per year, but actually handled around 14 million. With numbers constantly increasing until 2015.

For 2016 until 2022, there were planned investments for the international area, new parking construction, four new hotels in the vicinity, a new business area and other facilities, like a Shopping Mall, but none was realized until middle 2022.


Aeroporta de Brasìlia
Lago Sul
Brasília - DF, 71608-900
  • +55 61 3364-9000