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Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Brussels South Charleroi Airport, also unofficially called Brussels-Charleroi Airport, Charleroi Airport or rarely Gosselies Airport, is an international airport, located in Gosselies, a part of the city of Charleroi in the Province of Hainaut in Wallonia, Belgium.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport S.A., the second airport serving the city of Brussels, offers access to more than 190 destinations, departing from a quick, easily accessible platform.  With considerable operational experience under its belt, the airport has been rewarded on multiple occasions for its punctuality and the quality of the services it offers.

Over 3,000 people currently work on the site of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, almost 800 of whom are direct employees.

The goal of Brussels South Charleroi Airport S.A. is to continue to develop its airport activities, whilst focusing its policy on the comfort of its different customers in order to respond to all of their needs.

On a national level, Brussels South Charleroi Airport S.A. is the second biggest airport in terms of passenger traffic, and is planning to grow its freight business.

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Sustainable Development at the Heart of Brussels South Charleroi Airport's Concerns

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Brussels South Charleroi Airport
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