Copenhagen Airport

Airport Information

  • IATA Code: CPH
  • ICAO Code: EKCH
  • Operator: Copenhagen Airports
  • Location: Denmark
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Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport is more than just an airport. We strive to be the very best start of your journey!

We are the whole of Scandinavia’s gateway into the world and are in fact the largest airport in the Nordic countries. We service a total of 165 direct routes operated by 76 different airlines – and in 2018 we reached a major milestone; more than 30 million travelers passed through the terminals for the first time.

As you may have noticed, we are in the process of expanding the airport. We are working to accommodate and welcome as many as 40 million beautiful passengers a year – and that requires a little extra space!

Founded in 1925, Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup is one of the oldest international airports in Europe. Roskilde Airport was founded in 1973. Together we form Copenhagen Airports A / S.


2018 – Opening of the Air Bridge with direct access from the metro to the Security Control and Terminal 2

2015 – 90th Anniversary

2014 – 25 million passengers

2011 – The check-in slots 22.7 million passengers

2007 – Inauguration of the connecting Metro connection to CPH opens

2001 – The Hilton hotel is done

2000 – The motorway and train connection to CPH opens

1998 – Terminal 3 is done

1986 – The world’s first real airport shopping center is inaugurated

1972 – 8 million passengers

1957 – A jet lands at Copenhagen Airport

1956 – 1 million passengers

1954 – 700,000 passengers

1939 – Flight attendants on board the planes
– The VL terminal is erected

Airport Profile

  • Check In

    Below you can read about the different check-in options at Copenhagen Airport

    How and when you can check in depends on your airline. Click the link below to see what check-in options your airline has:

    Available check-in options for each airline

    Self-Service Check-in 
    At Copenhagen Airport, there are 133 total machines where you can check-in. You can not only check-in yourself, but in some case even your baggage and also, you can choose your seat on the plane.

    When you check in using a self-service check-in, enter the number on your ticket or scan your barcode. You will then print out your boarding pass and depending on the airline also bag tags.

    You must put on your bagtag on your luggage and it must be handed in at a desk with self baggage drop.

    Check-in counters
    If you check in at the counter, you must have your ticket and your passport ready, and possibly a valid visa.

    At the counter, your baggage is weighed, checked in and then transported to your plane. You must take your hand baggage on board the aircraft.

    Online check-in
    Some airlines have the option to check-in online, via the company’s website or app. Other airlines also make it possible to check in by replying to an SMS, which you will receive before departure.

    Once you have checked in with one of these methods, print bag tags at one of the machines and then leave your baggage at a baggage drop desk

  • Bag Drop

    Once you have checked in at a self-service counter, you must put the printed bag tag on your suitcase.

    Remember to keep the foil from the end of the bag tag. This is your confirmation that you have submitted your luggage.

    Self-service Bag Drop
    Some airlines offer self-service Bag Drop at Copenhagen Airport. This means that you hand your suitcase by an automatic counter where you scan your bags and sending it out on the luggage carousel.

    Note: At Copenhagen Airport, there are several different Bag Drop desks. You must, therefore, be aware that baggage must be delivered at the Bag Drop desk that belongs to your airline.

    Odd Size Luggage
    There are three odd-sized access points at Copenhagen Airport:

    • Terminal 2: This odd-size baggage drop is used by ground handlers like Aviator and CFS. It is found at the end of Terminal 2 next to counter 154.
    • Terminal 3: This is used by SGH (SAS Ground Handling) and is located at the SAS ticket office and Starbucks.

    See who handles luggage for your airline here.

    Remember that odd size luggage also need a bag tag like regular suitcases.

  • Passport & Passport Control

    Passport control

    New passport control rules for passengers crossing Schengen’s external bordersThe EU has amended its Schengen rules so that from 7 October 2017 the police must scan the passports of all passengers crossing the Schengen borders. The new EU-rules is amended in order to strengthen the external borders and support the internal security of Denmark and the EU.The new rules mean that all passengers crossing Schengen’s external borders must have their passports scanned by the police at Copenhagen Airport. The passport can then be checked against relevant databases.Up to now, not all passports have been scanned. Scanning more passports will naturally take longer.

    Applies only when travelling outside the Schengen Area*.

    The new EU rules apply only to passengers who are leaving the Schengen Area. If you are travelling domestic or inside the Schengen Area, there is no extended passport control.

    *Schengen member states: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

    The same rules apply: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

    Location of the passport control at Copenhagen Airport

    Note that the passport control is not the same as the security checkpoint.

    You will find the passport control in the shopping area, after you have gone through the security checkpoint. The main passport control is located at the start of Pier C, but there is also a passport control in Pier F.

    See map of the airport here (PDF)

    Extra staffing

    In cooperation with the police, we have increased passport control staffing, but we still expect that there will be queues at times.

    Copenhagen Airport and the police are therefore working closely together to ensure that passengers get through passport control as quickly and smoothly as possible. This especially applies to transfer passengers.

    The police and Copenhagen Airport are asking passengers travelling out of the Schengen Area to be patient and to follow the recommendations of their airline or travel agent on when to arrive at the airport.

    We look forward to seeing you at Copenhagen Airport and wish you a good journey.

    Good advice:

    • Arrive at the airport in good time and follow the recommendations of your airline or travel agent.
    • Track your departure on the CPH Airport app or at under “Flight information” and keep up to date on your gate.
    • Check the waiting time in passport control on the information screens at the airport.
    • Have your passport ready for inspection when you reach passport control.
    • Note that all family members must show their passports separately.
    Self service passport control

    If you are travelling outside Schengen, you must go through the passport control. In Copenhagen Airport there is self-service passport control at Pier C.Passengers arriving and departing from the Schengen area can use the self-service passport control at Pier C, which allows passengers to scan their passport by themselves.

    Who can use the self-service passport control?

    In order for you to use the automatic self-service passport control, the following criteria must be met:

    1. You must have a so-called electronic passport with a chip. An electronic passport can be recognized by having this symbol on the front page.
    2. You must be 18 years or older.
    3. You must be either EU, EEA or Swiss citizen.

    If the above does not apply to you, use one of the manned passport controls that are located next to the automatic scanners.

    Manned passport control

    The manned passport controls are divided between “EU, EEA and CH” and “All Passports”.

    The “EU, EEA and CH” boxes are reserved for nationals of EU and EEA countries and Swiss citizens who can not use the self-service passport control.

    Families with children under the age of 18, where everyone has passports from a European country, should use the “EU, EEA & CH” queue.

    The “All Passports” stands can be used by all nationalities. They will primarily be used by citizens from non-EU countries. If you have a passport from a European country but are accompanied by people who have a non-EU passport, you can use the “All Passports” queue together.

    Shopping carts and further assistance

    If you use one of the shopping carts around the airport, you are allowed to bring it through the manned passports stations. However, you can not take the cart with you through the self-service passport control.

    Staff will be available to assist when you reach passport area. You can identify them by their orange jerseys.

    Passport and visa

    Before going on a trip, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the passport and visa regulations that apply to your destination.Passengers traveling between the Schengen countries can in principle travel without being requested to show their passport, whereas control is intensified for passengers from non-participating countries. When traveling in and out of Schengen, all passengers must go through the passport control.

    Trips to the United States

    Passengers flying to the United States must fill out an ESTA application online 72 hours prior to their departure.

    On flights from Copenhagen Airport to the US, there is an additional security check at the gate. Ensure all mobile/electronic devices have enough battery power to be turned on at security if requested.

    Trips to Canada

    Passengers flying to Canada must fill out an eTA application online 72 hours prior to their departure.

  • Gate Information and Boarding

    The gate number for each flight will be posted on screens in the airport minimum 45 minutes before departure for international flights and minimum 30 minutes before departure for domestic flights.

    Gate information
    Most often, your gate number will be displayed on the screens one to two hours before departure. For long-haul flights, the information will often appear on the screens two to three hours before departure.

    “Go to gate”
    It is the handling companies that decide when the “go to gate” and “boarding” messages are displayed on the screens. This information will typically be displayed about 30 minutes before departure for continental flights and about an hour before departure for intercontinental flights.

    However, flights to the United States are an exception, as their information may be posted as much as two hours before departure.

    Get flight information in the CPH’s app
    The CPH Airport app is available in Danish and English, includes:

    • Follow flight departures and arrivals and get notified if there are changes in gate and flight times
    • Book and pay for parking at Copenhagen Airport and use the map to locate each car park
    • Find your CPH Advantage membership card, receive special offers and check the point history of your CPH Advantage purchases
    • Read about the airport’s shops, banks, lounges, restaurants, bars, cafes, and see where they are located
    • Order and pay for food via Food to Fly and avoid queues
    • Shop in the online store

    Read more about CPH’s app here

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