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Frankfurt Airport

The Airbus A380 superjumbo slowly goes into motion. It’s so close you could almost touch it. Right near the airport tour bus, a tractor pushes the world’s largest passenger aircraft out of its position at the terminal. An airport employee gives a thumbs-up to the giant bird. Any moment now, the 560-tonne double-decker will take off into the wild blue yonder.

This is everyday routine at Frankfurt Airport; every step of the procedure has been practiced and honed to perfection. Some 1300 aircraft take off and land each day. But the moment in which one of these technological wonders lifts off never ceases to fascinate. And nowhere else in Germany can you take pictures of as many different aircraft types.

Frankfurt Airport is one of the world’s largest aviation hubs. Last year, about 61 million people departed, arrived, or transferred here. And the number is continuing to increase as the airport grows. This is also creating new jobs. With more than 81,000 people now working here, the airport is already Germany’s largest place of employment.

Fraport AG

One of the leading players in the global airport business, Fraport AG offers a wide range of operational and management solutions based on over 90 years of aviation expertise. Fraport’s portfolio of companies spans four continents with activities at 30 airports worldwide. In business year 2018, the Fraport Group generated sales of €3.48 billion and profit of about €506 million. More than 176 million passengers used airports around the world in which Fraport has more than a 50 percent stake during 2018. In its Mission Statement, Fraport places the focus on customers. The Group’s commitment to ensuring a “good trip” to all passengers and travelers is also reflected in the corporate slogan: “Gute Reise! We make it happen”. This commitment applies to all of Fraport’s business activities and services both at Germany’s largest aviation hub in Frankfurt and the Group’s airports worldwide.

At its Frankfurt Airport (FRA) home base, Fraport welcomed more than 69.5 million passengers and handled about 2.21 million metric tons of cargo (airfreight and airmail) in 2018. In Europe, Frankfurt Airport ranks first in terms of cargo tonnage and is the fourth busiest for passenger traffic. For the current summer timetable, FRA is served by 94 passenger airlines flying to 306 destinations in 98 countries worldwide. A total of 137 intercontinental destinations are served from FRA in the 2019 summer schedule – underscoring Frankfurt’s role as a leading hub in the global air transportation system.

Airport Information

All About Flights

The most important information for passengers

  • You can find a list of all of the airlines that operate at Frankfurt Airport on the monitors and posters in the terminals, on our website at, or in the FRA App.
  • Please be at your flight’s departure gate at the time your airline has indicated for the start of boarding.
  • You can find up-to-date information on the anticipated waiting times at the security checkpoints in the FRA App and at our information kiosks.
  • You are entitled to use the fast lanes if your flight appears on the monitors at the security checkpoint.
Do You Need Assistance?
Information kiosks: Scan your boarding pass, and all the information relevant to your flight will be displayed (including terminal maps, shops, restaurants and lounges) in four different languages.

Service Points: Our multilingual service staff will be happy to help you.

Mobile Service Guides can be identified by their red uniforms.

Frankfurt Airport App: Available for iOS & Android.

At the security checkpoint

  • Take advantage of the wait to unpack tablets, e-books, laptops and other electronic devices and place them in a separate tray.
  • After clearing the security check, consult the monitors to see if your boarding gate has been changed at the last minute.
  • Passengers with a biometric passport (e-passport) or German ID card can use the automated border control system EasyPASS.

What may be packed in checked luggage?

Dangerous Goods

  • As opposed to hand luggage, lithium-metal batteries containing up to 2 g of lithium and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with up to 100 watt-hours may only be placed inside checked luggage if they are installed in an electronic device such as a laptop, tablet or camera (not loose).

Not Allowed

  •  Powerbanks, E-Cigarettes,  Self-Balancing Scooters (Hoverboards), Lighters (Gas, gasoline and Zippo-type lighters), Matches

What can you carry into the aircraft cabin?


  • Liquids, gels, creams, pastes and aerosols only in individual 100ml or smaller containers, which must be placed inside a transparent, reclosable 1-liter plastic bag.
  • Only one bag is allowed per passenger.

Medications and special food (e.g. baby food)

  • You must prove that they will be needed during the flight.
  • They do not need to be placed inside a plastic bag, and the containers may be larger than 100ml.

Duty-free articles

  • Duty-free liquids purchased at airports or on board from airlines may be carried in a sealed duty-free bag together with the receipt (limited to one per passenger; may not be placed inside carry-on luggage).

Dangerous Goods

  • Lithium-metal batteries containing up to 2 g of lithium and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with up to 100 watt-hours
  • E-Cigarettes
  • Powerbanks
  • Gas lighters/Matches (limited to one per passenger; may not be placed inside carry-on luggage)

Not allowed

  • Dangerous items (Sharp or pointed items with blades up to 6 cm long)
  • Sports equipment (golf clubs, ski poles, baseball bats etc.)
  • Weapons (including components and imitations such as play weapons)

For information on exceptions and possibilities for transporting other items or hazardous substances, please contact your airline or visit 


Online, using a machine, or with personal assistance at a counter: many airlines offer you different check-in options. See the following for details.

Please have your flight documents, ID or passport, and visa (if required) ready. A number of airlines also let you check in online. We recommend that you arrive at the airport and complete check-in two to three hours ahead of time (depending on your destination).

Check-in Machines
Some airlines let you check in yourself using a machine. At Frankfurt Airport they are red and yellow and can be found at various locations in both terminals and the long-distance train station. After completing check-in, you can then drop off your bags at one of your airline’s designated counters. If you are traveling with carry-on luggage only, after checking in you can proceed directly to the gate (via the security checkpoint)

Evening-Before Check-in
To get your trip off to a relaxed start, some airlines allow you to check in and drop off your luggage the evening before your flight. This is a very useful and convenient service, especially for families, groups, and senior citizens with multiple and/or heavy luggage items. Please consult the table on pages 12-15 to see whether your airline offers evening-before check-in.

Please inquire well in advance whether you need a visa for the country you are traveling to.
More information is available at under To & From the Airport / Checkpoints.

Airport News

FraSec and Sasse Group Form Strategic Partnership in Aviation Security

Passenger screening company FraSec Luftsicherheit GmbH and Sasse Group, a provider of facility services, have formed a new strategic partnership in the area of aviation security. As part of the agreed partnership, Fraport Security Services …

Driving Digital Innovation: Frankfurt Airport Launches the FRA-OS Importation Platform

Frankfurt among the first major European cargo hubs to fully comply with the EU customs rules for consolidated import shipments – New platform for fast, efficient, and transparent handling – FRA-OS a fundamental building block …

Explore the Fascination of Frankfurt Airport

New Fraport Visitor Center to open on August 2 – Visitors’ Terrace and Airport Tours now operating again Frankfurt Airport is gaining another attraction: a new multimedia Visitor Center that will open soon in Concourse C …

Fraport Reports Recovery in Passenger Numbers Continues

Cargo traffic sees further strong growth, underscoring FRA’s position as Europe’s leading airfreight hub – Fraport Group airports worldwide also register traffic gains. In June 2021, passenger traffic continued to recover, despite the ongoing and widespread …

Fast Lane to Food: Fraport Is Testing Yoordi, a New Food Ordering Service, at Frankfurt Airport

The digital Yoordi system, an innovative self-ordering solution, additionally enhances the passenger experience Passengers and guests at Frankfurt Airport can now use their  smartphones to conveniently order and pay for food and beverages from various restaurants …

Fraport Expands Fleet of Temperature-Controlled  Transporters at Frankfurt Airport

More capacity for temperature-sensitive transportation of goods between minus 20 and plus 30 degrees Celsius – Fleet of 20 refrigerated transporters now available at FRA for pharmaceutical products – Fraport boasts long track record of …

Frankfurt Airport Still a Prime Retail Location

Major brands returning to Terminal 1 The demand for retail concessions in the parts of Frankfurt Airport used by passengers is holding up despite the pandemic: leading international labels want to maintain their presence at this …

Kickoff of the Fall Holiday Season at Frankfurt Airport: Important Information for Travelers

Worry-free travel from FRA – Measures to prevent infection ensure the safety of passengers and personnel – Covid-19 testing stations near the terminal. The fall travel season is just around the corner: school holidays will start …

Fraport Hands Over New Air Cargo Warehouse to Swissport

After a construction phase of just under one year, today (September 16) Fraport handed over the keys for a new cargo handling warehouse to Swissport Cargo Services Deutschland GmbH as the facility’s future operating company. …

Fraport Launches Cooperation with Plug and Play Tech Center

Innovation platform to provide global support for digital transformation – Focus on customer processes Fraport AG is partnering with the global innovation platform “Plug and Play Tech Center” with the aim of raising the company’s level …


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