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Istanbul Airport

The first phase of the Istanbul Airport, which is the largest infrastructure project in the history of the Turkish Republic, opened for service on October 29, 2018; since April 6th 2019, the airport is operational with all units and at full capacity. Covering an area of 76,5 million square meters, the new airport serves as a global hub between Asia, Africa and Europe.

Istanbul Airport has been honored with one of Global Traveler’s Leisure Lifestyle awards in the ‘Outstanding Innovation’ category. The publication, which is among the most prestigious in the global tourism sector, picked Istanbul Airport for its ‘Special Achievement Award’ . Once all phases of the airport are operational, the facility is expected to achieve a capacity of 200 million passengers.

Where is the Istanbul Airport?
Located on the European side of Istanbul, by the Black Sea shore, the new airport is situated at the junction of Çatalca- Göktürk-Arnavutköy, between the Tayakadın and Akpınar villages. The Istanbul Airport can be easily accessed by public transportation such as buses and airport transfer shuttles, as well as taxi and private vehicles. On the European side, the airport is 36 kilometers from Levent, and 40 kilometers from Taksim. On the Anatolian side, total distances are 47 kilometers from Üsküdar and 52 kilometers from Kadıköy. There are also connections to the Istanbul Airport road from The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and The Northern Marmara Highway.

Flights to and from the Istanbul Airport
With its dedication to impeccable service, the Istanbul Airport serves travelers on both domestic and international flights. Presently, flights take off to 45 cities domestically; on international routes, travelers can reach 249 cities in 110 countries from the international terminal at the Istanbul Airport.

Luxury Stores, Duty Free and Special Passenger Services
The Istanbul Airport features a Duty-Free area of 53,000 square meters with world famous brands and stores. Drawing its design inspiration from the Bosporus and featuring a mix of distinguished brands as well as a modern retail concept, the Duty-Free area will offer a pleasant shopping experience to travelers, both before and after their flights. The Istanbul Airport takes travel comfort to the next level with a varied selection of services, while its cafes and restaurants offer a selection of tastes from Turkish and world cuisine. In addition to the unmatched shopping experience awaiting travelers, another feature of the new airport, which will turn trips into an unforgettable experience is the special passenger services. İGA Pass encompass, among other offers: fast access checkpoints, buggies, special receptions of incoming and departing passengers, lounge areas and vale services, ensuring a pleasant business trip.

Airport Profile

  • Shopping & Eating

    ​Istanbul Airport offers a unique shopping experience blended with selected brands and a modern retail concept before and after your travels.

    There are local and international fashion brand stores around the airport to enable passengers to meet their needs for accessories, jewellery and watches, kids wear and toys, home textile, electronics and so on.

    Health and Beauty
    Istanbul Airport houses several service locations within, to serve the health & beauty needs of travelers.

    Pharmacies that serve 24/7 and feature prescription drugs, as well as non-prescription pharmaceuticals, personal care & baby care items and cosmetics; a SPA featuring massage packages and services for rest and rejuvenation; a hair saloon where travelers can get haircuts or their hair dyed, as well as manicures and pedicures; and stores where travelers can shop for cosmetics, make-up and world-renown optical frames, sunglasses and contact lenses make the travel experience all the more rewarding.

    Food & Beverage
    There are several types of cafes and restaurants at Istanbul Airport representing numerous concepts and offering delicious food and meals from Turkish and world cuisine.

    Bakeries, patisseries, cafes, bars, restaurants, popular coffee chains, fast food restaurants and Grab-and-Go buffets are serving assorted tastes to our passengers.

  • Duty Free

    A unique shopping experience blended with the selective brands and modern retail concept awaits the passengers of Istanbul Airport. Operating in retail business for over 30 years, Unifree Duty Free has a total sales area of 55,000 square meters, including elite boutique shops of 18,000 square meters, classical Duty Free stores of 34,000 square meters and a Bazaar area of approximately 3,000 square meters, where local products are offered.

    Designed for passengers to feel the sense of belonging particular to Istanbul, Duty Free area consists of 9 sections housing different concepts, including Fashion Garden, Family Palace, High&Lux Hills, Style Beach. Each section welcomes passengers with concept-related selective brands. The rich variety of product groups offered to guests includes accessories, jewelry and watches, kids wear, toys, home textile, electronics from luxurious, premium, besides accessible local and international brands.

    The Latest Technologies for the Guests
    Unifree Duty Free offers the latest technologies in traveling retail sector at the duty free shops of Istanbul Airport. Various technologies including 3-D Hologram systems, rechargeable smart shopping baskets, mobile payment points, costumer profiling and analysis systems elevate the shopping experience. For example, ‘Magic Mirror’, one of the latest and most popular technologies, allows shoppers to preview watches, sunglasses, accessories, clothes and make-up products without even trying them on. Thanks to the electronic customer profiling system, the stores are able to offer ‘exclusive services and products’ to their customers. PRMs can also enjoy the shopping experience at Istanbul Airport with special vehicles allocated and trained sales attendants assigned.

    Duty Free enjoyment from the comfort of home!
    You can now reach the outstanding brands & products of Unifree at before you arrive at the airport. Through Uorder, you can pre-order the products you want to buy before your travel. Unifree collects your order and makes it ready for you at the payment point. All you have to do is to visit Unifree Duty Free Store after passport control and collect the products prepared for you. Unifree Uorder is waiting for you to enjoy Duty Free shopping in every area you are in.

  • Security and Baggage

    Information on Screening Procedures
    All passengers (arriving, transfer) traveling via Istanbul Airport are required to go through the airport security screening checkpoint operated by Private Security staff to avoid any security thread.

    These screening procedures are regulated by General Directorate of Civil Aviation in accordance with its security standards of National Civil Aviation Security Program and Appendix, ICAO Annex–17, ICAO Doc. 8973 and ECAC Document 30, Chapter 2.

    In order to speed up the process, please consider the following instructions:

    For your own safety
    Be sure which items are safe to pack in your hand and hold baggage so that you can pass through the security screening check points at the Istanbul Airport without a hitch.

    How to pack correctly

    • In your hand baggage you may only carry liquids in containers that hold a maximum of 100 ml.
    • Pack these containers into a re-sealable 1-liter plastic bag while at home.
    • Pack spare batteries and power banks (charging devices with a battery) in your hand baggage only. Secure batteries individually against short circuits.
    • Containers with more than 100 ml of liquids, as well as knives and scissors with blades over 6 cm in length, are only permitted in checked baggage.
    • If you are only travelling with hand baggage, you may not take these items with you on your journey.
    • Liquid medication, baby food and special foods required during the flight can be transported in containers of more than 100 ml in your hand baggage (following a check).
    • Lighters and matches may not be placed in your baggage. You may however carry a lighter or box of matches on you personally.
    • Items such as fuel paste, sparklers, fireworks, batteries with a performance of over 160 Wh, etc. are not permitted in any baggage.

    Final preparations at the airport

    • Dispose of liquids of more than 100 ml in the bins provided at the airport.
    • Pack your containers of liquids of up to 100 ml into a re-sealable 1-litre plastic bag.
    • The plastic bags are provided in the waiting area before the security check

    Passing Through the Security Check Quickly
    Have the following items ready to place separately into the baggage trays and follow the instructions of the security staff:

    • Empty your pockets and put your purses and wallets, coins, mobile telephone and keys in the trays for X-Ray screening.
    • Take your belt, jacket, coat, blazer, etc. off in advance.
    • Display the 1-litre plastic bag(s) containing your liquid item(s )(individual containers of up to 100 ml)
    • Show liquid medication, baby food and special food item(s) of over 100 ml
    • Expose liquid tax & duty free items of over 100 ml (with purchase receipt in a sealed, ICAO-compliant bag)
    • Remove your portable computer, laptop, tablet and camera from your bag.
  • Bans and regulations

    In the following sections you will find detailed information about prohibited items and requirements with regard to liquids, lighters, batteries, etc.

    Prohibited items

    • Lighters and matches
    • Sparklers
    • Fireworks
    • Fuel paste (e.g. for fondue burner)
    • Paints/acids
    • Gas cartridges

    This list is not exhaustive. For detailed information please contact your airline.

    Liquids in hand baggage
    Liquids, gels, creams, sprays, etc. are only permitted in hand baggage in containers with a maximum size of 100 ml (1 dl):

    • All containers (tubes, jars, bottles) should fit easily in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag (such as a freezer bag) with a maximum size of one liter.
    • This plastic bag should be presented for inspection at the airport security check.
    • Only one plastic bag per person is allowed. This limit also applies to children and babies.

    Also permitted in containers over 100 ml in certain circumstances:

    • Liquid medicines, baby food and food for special dietary requirements in the quantity necessary for the journey.
    • Liquid tax & duty free items of over 100 ml together with the purchase receipt in a sealed, ICAO-compliant bag.

    The above-mentioned liquids must be shown at the security checkpoint and undergo an additional check. They may only be taken on board the flight if they have been approved by the security staff.

    No knives or scissors

    All types of scissors and knifes with a blade length of more than 6 cm are not allowed in your hand baggage.

    Cigarette lighters not allowed in baggage but allowed on person
    Cigarette lighters are not permitted in your baggage. However, one lighter per passenger is allowed as long as you carry it on you.
    Attention: Storm lighters (lighters with a blue flame) are generally prohibited!

    Spare batteries and power banks

    For security reasons you may not take any spare batteries or power banks (charging device with battery) in your checked baggage. You may take spare batteries with a performance of 160 Wh in your hand baggage, subject to the following provisions:

    • Max. two batteries, if the nominal energy of the individual battery exceeds 100 Wh.
    • Batteries must be secured individually against short circuits.

    Batteries used in a device (up to max. 100 Wh) may be carried in either your hand baggage or checked baggage. Batteries with a performance of over 160 Wh are generally prohibited.

    Airlines reserve the right to apply special regulations.

    Self-stabilizing, electric means of transport (hover boards)
    Lithium battery-powered vehicles are prohibited in both hand baggage and checked baggage. This ban does not apply to wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Please contact your airline before you travel.

    Avalanche airbags
    Special provisions apply to the transportation of avalanche airbags. See “FAQ – What can I carry in my baggage?”

    Diving equipment
    As they generate heat, diving lamps cannot be placed in hold baggage. They may be transported in your hand baggage provided that the power supply has been disconnected. Please also note that scuba tanks must be completely empty.

    In order to avoid unnecessary discussions during the screening process on prohibited items, release these items into the waste bins before entering the queue.

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