King Abdulaziz International Airport

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King Abdulaziz International Airport

King Abdulaziz International Airport is an international airport located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The airport is the third largest and busiest airport of Saudi Arabia, serving around 17.8 million passengers in 2010.

KAIA is the hub of the Muslim’s world, as well as the main western gateway to/from many countries. KAIA is the first international airport in Saudi Arabia, which opened in 1981. The total size of the KAIA airport is approximately 105 square km. The airport consists of the Royal Terminal, the Southern Terminal, the Northern Terminal, Hajj Terminal, as well as the Private aviation.

Terminal 1 Facilities and Services:

  • 220 passenger service desks
  • 80 self-services kiosks.
  • 63 passport control desks.
  • Parking spaces available for 8200 cars.
  • VIP lounge with a total size of 11254 Square meter.
  • Shopping area has a 7856 square meter facility in the domestic terminals and has a 12218 square meter facility in the international terminals.
  • A three- level hotel with 120 rooms available.
  • The world’s biggest aquarium; 46.5 feet in length and 32.8 feet wide.​​

The total area of the Northern Terminal is 55,676 square meters, and it is designed to services all scheduled foreign airlines that reach Jeddah.

There are 14 arrival and departure gates, 54 check-in platforms, in addition to 6 self-service platforms. There are 55 platforms for passport control, including 16 in the departure area, in addition to more than 68 foreign aviation companies operating in the terminal.

​The terminal incorporates services and facilities from the public service areas, restaurants, shopping areas, banks, car rental services, public transportation, luggage services and car parking service up to 1919 cars.


King Abdulaziz International Airport
Al Madinah Al Munawwarah Road
Saudi Arabia
  • +966 9200 11233