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Welcome to our 5-Star-Airport. Munich Airport offers you the best connections to anywhere in the world – and much more besides

Terminal 1 and the München Airport Center
Terminal 1 is divided into Departures/Arrivals A–D and F as well as Arrivals E. All facilities for passen-ger handling are located on level 04 (street level).

You can also reach the München Airport Center (MAC) and the parking areas quickly and easily using the moving walkways. The München Airport Center has an underground rapid transit train station (level 02).

Terminal 2
Terminal 2 (G, H) is divided into an arrivals level (03) and two departure levels (04, 05). It is used by Lufthansa, the Star Alliance and other Lufthansa partners.

Gates K and L in the T2 satellite building can be reached using an underground passenger transport system

Excellent Service
Munich Airport is more than «just» an airport – it is a city with everything that cities need. For example, in the two terminals and in the MAC, you will find travel markets, hairdressers, children’s play areas, a medical center, sleep cabins, free WIFI etc.

From Duty Free to Top Labels
A day spent shopping at Munich Airport is always an experience. Here no wishes are left to be desired, because you will find around 150 shops and boutiques in an area measuring over 43,000 square meters.

Pure Enjoyment
Some 65 restaurants, cafés and bistros await you at Munich Airport. Inspired by global cuisines, you will find a wide selection of dishes and gourmet foods – from Bavarian delicacies and house-brewed beer in the lovely beer garden, through to Asian specialties or a snack eaten on the move.

Airport Profile

  • Connected Through Excellence

    As Europe’s best airport, Munich offers flights to 264 destinations in 74 countries, and is optimally networked thanks to this hub function.

    Munich Airport is an important hub with attractive connections. Compared to other German airports, it has the densest network of continental flights and excellent connection options. Further strengths are a short minimum connecting time and high-quality services and amenities. An annual increase in passenger figures shows that more and more people are coming to appreciate these qualities.

    The hub airport: A successful model
    Hubs bundle flights in an efficient and resource-friendly manner. This creates lots of different connections using a minimum number of aircraft.

    Efficient Hub (2018 Figures)

    • 46.3 million passengers (number 8 in Europe)
    • 63% originating passengers
    • 37% transfer passengers
    • 28 September: The airport exceeded 170,000 passengers on one day for the first time
    • 352,000 tonnes of cargo handle

    Modern Infrastructure

    • Landmark: the 78 meter high tower at the heart of the airport
    • Two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (T2 operated together with Deutsche Lufthansa)
    • Terminal 2 satellite: Germany’s first midfield terminal (opened in 2016)
    • Terminal 1 expansion: new building complex with a gate on the West apron (planned commissioning in 2023)

    Growth Engine for Long-Haul Routes
    In November 2011, the Emirates airline became the first to use an Airbus A380 on a route from Munich. It was thus the first foreign airline to fly to Germany daily using the world’s largest passenger aircraft. Since the 2018 summer timetable, Deutsche Lufthansa also bases five of its A380 aircraft in Munich. With that, the airport is now one of only four airports in Europe that is home to the Airbus A380. Since February 2017, Munich has also been the base for Lufthansa’s new large type Airbus A350s, currently the most modern and environmentally friendly aircraft in the world.

    “Our airport has now finally joined the group of Europe’s major hubs.”
    ANDREAS VON PUTTKAMER Senior Vice President Aviation


  • Airport Experience: Everything In One Place

    Munich Airport is more than just an international traffic hub. It is not just a place from which to travel, it is also a place to live, enjoy, and relax.

    First-Class Enjoyment
    In the Airport City, some 60 restaurants, cafés, and bistros invite their guests on a culinary world tour. The specialties extend from the best of Bavaria, through authentic Mediterranean cuisine to delicacies from the exotic East. And those who want to experience a typical Munich moment can enjoy a beer in the only airport brewery in the world.

    Relaxed Shopping
    There are many lovely occasions that warrant a spontaneous gift. Fortunately, Munich Airport offers just as many ideas – with extended opening hours. Even those who simply want to treat themselves before their holiday or reward themselves for a successful business deal will most certainly find precisely what they want in the more than 150 shops and boutiques. The offering extends from authentic regional specialties through to luxury items from premium international brands. Nowhere else is shopping more relaxed and more personal than in Munich Airport.

    Just Relax or Experience Something New
    Would you simply like to check out for a few hours? At Munich Airport, everyone will find their own personal highlight – whether they are traveling for business, relaxing on a trip around the world, have the entire family with them or are just simply visiting the Airport City. Passengers who are traveling for business will enjoy the peace and understated service of an airport lounge – or can opt to recharge in a sleeping cabin. But for parents too, the airport offers relaxation: in the form of Kinderland in the MAC Forum. While the little ones are cared for, parents can spend their downtime shopping, relaxing or having a quiet meal together in one of the many restaurants.

    MAC Forum – Unique Event Location
    The MAC Forum at Munich Airport is the largest covered open-air space in Europe. Sporting occasions, shows, fairs, and public events on an international level take place there year round. Bike and skateboard professionals from all around the world have delivered tournament highlights here at events such as «Bike & Style» and «Skate & Style». In contrast, it is a little calmer here in November and December when the Christmas and Winter market with handcrafts and winter specialties attracts visitors from all around the world to the airport.

    Visitors Park – The Heart of the Action
    With the Visitors Park, Munich Airport offers another extraordinary location for numerous events. Handcrafts, Easter egg hunts, or rabbit races for Easter, a world travel festival for Whitsunday or a broad summer holiday program – variety is the keyword here. The large five-continent playground in the Visitors Park is a perfect place for play. And from the 28 meter high visitors’ hill, there is a beautiful view of Terminal 1, the West apron, and the flight operations on both runways.

    “Anyone who has been here once is happy to return. This is all thanks to our employees, who make the service concept a reality for every guest every day.”
    ANDREA GEBBEKEN Chief Commercial and Security Officer

  • Environment: Showing Responsibility

    Munich Airport has its eye firmly focused on the impact that it has on the environment simply by virtue of it being a major piece of transport infrastructure. By 2030, it wants to be the first German airport to be carbon-neutral.

    Whether the issue is noise, nature or climate protection, or the use of resources: Munich Airport is aware of its responsibility to the people and natural landscape in its region. It therefore takes many different measures to ensure that flight operations impact as little as possible on the environment. The energy consumption and emissions of an international airport are comparable to those of a small city. This makes it all the more important to reduce burdens and to handle natural resources sparingly and responsibly with an eye to future generations.

    Noise Protection
    Munich Airport keeps the impact on residents and employees caused by flight noise as low as possible. To monitor the noise situation, it operates sixteen stationary and three mobile measurement stations. In addition, there is a strict night-flight cur-few. The mix of aircraft types at the airport also contributes to this bur-den being lessened: New modern aircraft types such as the fifteen Lufthansa A350-900 aircraft, which are based in Munich, generate a significantly lower noise level than older models.

    Resource Management
    Falling drinking water consumption and high recycling rates for waste and de-icer bear testimony to Munich Airport’s commitment in this field. This attitude is also evident in its own administration: Flughafen München GmbH has used exclusively recycled paper with the «Blue Angel» environmental label since 2016

    Munich Airport is part of the «Nördliches Er-dinger Moos» European bird sanctuary. This is home to 40 endangered species of birds, some of which are categorized as highly endangered. In Bavaria, for example, most of the breeding pairs of the Eurasian curlew are regularly recorded on the airport meadows. As a counterbalance for interventions in the natural landscape caused by construction and renovation measures, the airport created approximately 450 hectares of compensation area.

    Reduce First, Then Compensate
    Munich Airport wants to be carbon-neutral by the year 2030 – which would make it the first air-port to be so in Germany. To this end, it will lower the CO2 emissions that it itself can control by 60 percent. In the second step, regional compensation measures are to compensate for the remaining 40 percent. In order to improve gradually the CO2 balance sheet, technical innovations and greater system efficiency are required. This affects, in particular, buildings, new buildings, the vehicle pool, lighting, and energy supply. The new apron lighting is an illuminating example: In-stead of the conventional sodium vapor lamps, the airport was the first major airport in the world to use energy-saving LED technology. This change led to an annual saving of more than 1,000 tonnes of CO2.

    Carbon Footprint
    In calculating its carbon foot-print, the airport faces a complex task. Because it is not only its own emissions that must be factored into the calculation but also those of its customers, in particular the airlines. For many years, climate protection targets have been a strategic focus of the company. Munich Airport has continuously reduced its CO2emissions: by 43 percent per passenger since 2005.

    “Munich Airport is conscious of its responsibi-lity to rare and endangered bird species and is bringing airport operations into harmony with bird protection.”
    HERMANN BLOMEYER, Vice President Environment

  • Terminal 1: Ready For The Future

    Terminal 1 of Munich Airport is getting an upgrade: On the western apron, the first works are underway on a new extension, which is to include a new gate. The extension is to open in 2023.

    Over the last few years, the security requirements in the sector have increased and the traffic structures have changed. This has all impacted on the capacity and quality of Terminal 1, the older of the two passenger hand-ling buildings. With the planned extension, it should be possible once again to handle the passenger numbers expected in the coming years in accordance with the accustomed quality standards.

    Bridges are to connect the new building to Terminal 1. The gate will extend 350 meters out into the western apron. Six large type aircraft or twelve smaller craft will be able to dock at the pier. For the gate’s core building, the plans include a generously sized market place with a variety of shopping outlets and dining opportunities, as well as high-quality lounges.

    Modern and Generous
    Generously sized retail and dining areas as well as attractive airline lounges in Terminal 1 underline the airport’s 5-star rating. In addition, the security checks are centralized and reconfigured so that at least 200 passengers per hour can pass through a security lane in-stead of the previous 90.

    With the expansion, we are ensuring that in the future Bavaria’s gateway to the world will of-fer high-quality fa-cilities and services in all the ground handling areas, thus strengthening the development prospects for the entire airport.
    DR. MICHAEL KERKLOH President and Chief Executive Officer of Flughafen München GmbH

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