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Paris-Charles De Gaulle

Paris-Charles de Gaulle is the number one French airport, and the 2nd main European airport. It is operated by Groupe Aéroports de Paris.

Groupe ADP builds, develops and operates airport platforms, including Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget. With a capacity to handle over 72 million passengers a year.

Located in the Greater Paris region, France’s economic powerhouse, and just 25 km from downtown Paris, Paris-Charles de Gaulle offers to national and international economic players a unique development potential.

Less than two hours’ flight from all major cities in Western Europe, Paris-Charles de Gaulle is ideally situated for connecting traffic that feeds long-haul traffic. The airport accommodates most airlines including those belonging to the SkyTeam, Star Alliance, and Oneworld alliances. It is the international base and hub of Air France as well as the main hub of the airline’s SkyTeam alliance. Paris-Charles de Gaulle ranks as Europe’s number one hub in terms of intercontinental connectivity, and is the fourth-largest European hub for global connectivity (1). The airport’s connecting passenger rate in 2018 was 28,6%. Paris-Charles de Gaulle also accommodates all major players of the international cargo industry, and serves as the European hub for FedEx and La Poste. With a handling capacity of 3.6 million tonnes of freight per year, it offers numerous development possibilities to companies in the sector.

Since 2013, the Single Security Checkpoint system(2) has been shortening and streamlining the passage of travellers to and from Schengen countries. A passenger taking a connecting flight at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport there-fore does not need to pass through security again and can go straight to the boarding area.

A network of motorways, a TGV railway station and two RER stations give Paris-Charles de Gaulle an exceptional array of ground trans-port services, and tomorrow, the Grand Paris Express future stations. Intermodality within the Paris airport system boosts economic growth on a regional and national level.

In terms of built surface, Roissypole is one of the most important airport city world-wide. Roissypole is located in the heart of the platform and spans on 384 000 sqm which includes 260 000 sqm of offices and 3 448 hotel rooms. With new projects underway, the area is rapidly expanding.

With more than 42,000 sq.m of shopping areas and many restaurants run by famous chefs Paris-Charles de Gaulle offers all the spirit of the capital at one site. A unique shopping experience where fashion icons rub shoulders with the best of French cuisine.

The Espace Musées is an arts and culture venue where passengers in terminal 2E Hall M can admire original works of art from the capital’s most important cultural institutions. Photo exhibitions are also organizedin all of the airport terminal’s.

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Airport Profile

  • Luggage Services

    Luggage despatch, preparation and checking-in Find the luggage services for passengers at departure that will help you on your way through our airports. Our pledge is to help you manage your time, entertain you, get to know you, make you feel secure and amaze you.

    Luggage Storage: See the sights without your luggage
    To help you make the most of your visit to Paris, whether it’s for a couple of hours or a couple of weeks, we can look after your luggage at our storage facility in the heart of the airport. It couldn’t be simpler. Reserve a locker on our digital platform! Click here

    Bagages Du Monde offers a 100% secure storage service.
    Luggage is stored under video surveillance after it has been X-rayed in accordance with airport security regulations.
    There is no maximum or minimum storage time.
    Not only can you safely store your luggage, but we can also look after your smaller belongings (laptop, camera, etc.) and other special items (surfboards, bicycles, golf clubs, etc.).
    We also provide a cloakroom service so you don’t need to bring your cold-weather clothes with you when you jet off to warmer climes.

    Protect your baggage
    With the services offered by our partner Safe Bag, protect and track your baggage with a guaranteed film wrapping. Protect your baggage and travel with peace of mind! Click here

    With Premium Protection, wrap your baggage in a protective film to ensure it cannot be damaged or stolen, recognise and identify it unmistakeably thanks to the red film wrapping, and benefit from the Active tracking service in the event of any loss for which the airline is responsible, subject to conditions.

    Other Luggage Services
    Dépôt relais
    Somewhere to leave keys or ID papers for a passenger to collect? Open all year round, every day from 06:30 to 21:30. The service is provided landside by Bagages du Monde at Paris-Charles de Gaulle.
    For more information, contact Bagages du Monde: +33 1 34 38 58 90

    Deposit automatic luggage
    Five self-service machine (DBA) allows the passengers traveling with the company Air France from Orly 1-2 to check in themselves their luggage.

  • Check In Procedures

    Two types of check-in are possible:

    • Remote check-in
    • Checking in at the airport

    Remote check-in: save time!

    You can check in before you go to the airport, if your airline proposes this via its website. Remember to print out your travel documents (electronic ticket and boarding card).

    Depending on the choice made by your airline, you can also use your mobile phone: the check-in will be confirmed to you by SMS. Keep your mobile phone within reach when you get to the airport.

    This check-in method will allow you to go directly to the boarding area if you are travelling without luggage, or to go to the dedicated desk if you have to check in your hold luggage.

    Remote check-in is not possible in certain cases. Consult your airline for more information

    Checking in at the airport:

    At the airport, depending on the choice made by your airline, two types of check-in are possible:

    • on the self-service check-in terminals
    With your electronic ticket, you can check in within five hours of your flight’s departure

    • at a check-in desk
    To find the right one, flight information display screens indicate which departure hall to go to for each flight time

  • Boarding Procedures

    PARAFE*, the automated immigration gates
    PARAFE is a self service automated function using biometric technology to help you cross borders faster and independently. This service is valid for Europeans citizens holding a biometric passport.
    Paris Aéroport together with the Ministry of Home Affairs have deployed within Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports a new generation of gates which includes facial authentication technology.

    The 2 different options for this service :
    – Facial authentication (passport, boarding pass and face)
    – Fingerprint authentication (passport, boarding pass and fingerprint)

    Automated clearance:

    Facial authentication : a faster way to clear immigration (10 to15 sec) 80 gates at Paris-CDG

    Eligibility :
    Be over 18 years old, hold a biometric passport, be a national of one of the 28 countries of the EU, plus Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

    How it works
    1  Proceed to the automated gate (green colour).
    2  Scan your passport.
    3  When your passport is read, the doors opens.
    4  Enter the gate and step on the marks on the floor.
    5  Stare at the camera.
    6  When the green arrow shows on the screen, the second door will open.

    Fingerprint authentication (30 seconds), 80 gates at Paris-CDG


    Holders of a biometric passport (French, Belgian, German, Luxembourgian) do not need to enrol beforehand.

    For electronic passports, the enrolment is necessary an can be done directly at Paris-CDG airport.

    How it works
     Proceed to the gate
    2  Follow the instructions displayed on the screen
    3  Enter
    4  Place your thumb firmly on the scanner

    How to recognize a biometric passport
    All passports issued since June 29, 2009 are biometric.


    Biometric passport  
    The word “passport” is underlined, a secure symbol (circle inside a rectangle) shows under the word passport.Your picture is printed twice on the main page.

    Issued since October 31st, 2008.


    Electronic passport
    The word “passport” is not underlined, a secure symbol (circle inside a rectangle) shows under the word passport.Your picture is printed twice on the main page.

    Last issuance : June 2009

Airport News

Groupe ADP and the Anne de Gaulle Foundation keep on collaboration for accessibility and inclusiveness in Paris airports

A year ago, on the occasion of International Day for Disabled Persons, and with support of the Anne de Gaulle Foundation, Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport was renamed Paris-Anne de Gaulle airport [1] during a week. For …

Qatar Airways Premium Lounge Reopens at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

Qatar Airways re-opened its luxurious Premium Lounge at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), complementing the airline’s triple daily flights, available for Premium passengers and eligible oneworld alliance partners. The Premium Lounge features all of the facilities …


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