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Paris-Orly, the airport near Paris – Located 10 kilometers South of Paris, Paris-Orly airport, which served 156 cities in 2017, offers a wide range of direct, diversified and constantly expanding medium and long-haul flights, contributing to the appeal and international reach of the southern part of the Paris region.

The airport has 2 passenger terminals that can accommodate up to 29 million passengers per year. Paris-Orly is the 2nd largest airport in France and the 12th largest in Europe, with 32.0 million passengers in 2017, up 2.6% compared to 2016.

The upgrading of the terminal infrastructure and airport services, combined with the economic and tourist appeal of the southern Île-de-France region, are strengths that are likely to attract new direct air travel services that complement the services offered by Paris-Charles de Gaulle, particularly to the world’s main high-growth potential markets (Asia, Africa and the Americas).

The airport provides nearly 28,360 direct jobs1, and is an integral part of an economic zone with over 157,400 employees, comprising Rungis (a market of national importance), Sogaris (a semi-public limited liability company operating the Rungis bus station), and the Belle-Épine shopping centre.

Paris-Orly has many strengths that help it to cater for the needs of airlines and passengers. Given its location less than 15 minutes from Paris and its access to dense road networks and public transport links (including the RER B and C, Orlyval, OrlyBus, the Tramway, which offers access to the metro, Cars Air France (coaches) and the Massy TGV train station link, etc.),

Paris-Orly is particularly attractive for passengers due to its easy access, range of destinations, human scale and proximity to Paris.

For airlines, Paris-Orly’s main operational strengths are an average taxiing time of less than six minutes, runways that are close to the terminals and a very smooth approach.

Airport Profile

  • Paris - Orly Changes

    A complete transformation of Orly airport

    Paris-Orly, will be a modern airport with the highest international standards to provide the best service to travellers and respond to major changes in air traffic: the boom of low-cost airlines and more international destinations. Paris-Orly airport is valued for its easy operating processes and its compact size.

    Paris-Orly is undergoing major changes to address the shift in air travel and meet its customers’ needs.

    Orly 1-2-3-4, a single terminal – The one-roof airport with a single terminal

    Paris-Orly is now a single terminal, divided into 4 separate zones, each with its own Arrivals and Departures area.
    The 80,000 m2 connecting building increases the capacity of the airport still complying with air traffic restrictions.

    Terminal South and Terminal West become Orly 1-2-3-4

    At Paris-Orly airport, a new chapter has started.  Say ‘goodbye’ to Orly South and Orly West and ‘hello’ to your new terminal, Orly 1-2-3-4! Discover Orly 1, Orly 2, Orly 4 and very soon Orly 3.

    Our ambition: Improve the quality of our customer service and offer a better airport experience to travellers.

    A new airport experience

    This new construction will increase the passenger capacity of the airport. Our challenge is to accommodate the growth in traffic, the emergence
    of new airlines and the ever-growing list of international destinations, while providing world-class customer service and levels of comfort.

    1. A completely redesigned and streamlined passenger journey, with clearer and more visible signage
    2. Enhanced security and reliability with reconfigured security controls and a new baggage sorting system
    3. A reinvented travel experience, with comfortable spaces offering Internet access and an authentic Parisian shopping area
    4. Paris within close reach and even more accessible with dedicated parking and drop-off areas and fast and efficient public transport services
  • The multimodal station : Gare Aéroport d'Orly

    The Grand Paris Express station will be located at the heart of the airport.

    By 2024, the journey time between Paris-Orly and the French capital will be considerably reduced (Paris-Orly to Gare de Lyon in 23 minutes).

    The airport will also be serviced by new Metro lines 14 and 18 and by Tramway T7.

    The new Paris-Orly multi-modal station: the heart of Grand Paris

    The new Grand Paris multi-modal station will centralise the flow of passengers using:

    •  Metro line 14: Saint-Denis Pleyel – Paris-Orly
    •  Metro line 18: Versailles Chantiers – Paris-Orly
    •  Tramway T7: Villejuif – Paris-Orly
    •  Orlyval: Antony RER B – Paris-Orly
    •  Orlybus: Denfert-Rochereau – Paris-Orly
    •  Le Bus Direct
    •  Shuttle services to Val d’Europe and the RER C station.

    This two-storey, 22,500 m2 station will significantly improve public transport access to the airport. Currently 80% of all access is by road. Also planned is a new bus station and a new 10-storey P0 Car park.

    The  multi-modal station of Paris-Orly Airport in figures:

    •   95,000 travellers expected to travel through Aéroport d’Orly station every day
    •   The Orly hub will generate 173,000 jobs, of which 28,000 at the airport
    •   The future P0 Car park will offer 2,110 parking spaces over 10 levels, including:
    –   80 spaces reserved for electric vehicles
    –   47 disabled spaces
    –   103 two-wheeled vehicle spaces and 50 helmet lockers

  • Paris-Orly international departures circuit

    3 major projects:

    • A new international retail area inspired by typical Parisian avenues, offering an unforgettable shopping experience.

    Reconfigured security controls to cope with the growth and changes of traffic.

    • A new baggage handling system with the ability to process 2,500 bags per hour and provide comprehensive tracking of each item using OCR recognition. This system reduces waiting times in baggage reclaim.

    Orly 1-2-3-4

    The extension of Hall 1 increases the terminal’s capacity to 5.5 million passengers and considerably improves the quality of service provided.

  • Prepare your journey and your arrival at the airport

    New names for all car parks and drop off areas. Follow the tips and advices of Paris Aéroport during this time to help you prepare for your journeys to and from the airport.


Paris-Orly Airport
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