Vnukovo International Airport

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Vnukovo International Airport

Vnukovo, formally Vnukovo Andrei Tupolev International Airport, is a dual-runway international airport located in Vnukovo District, 28 km southwest of the centre of Moscow, Russia. It is one of the four major airports that serve Moscow, along with Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, and Zhukovsky.

Of the three Moscow airports, Vnukovo is the highest (204 m above sea level), so in case of fog, it has frequently served as an alternative airport.

The airfield has two intersecting runways of 3,500 m and 3,060 m in length. Each runway is 60 m wide, with 10 m-wide safety shoulders on each side. The joint runway capacity is 60 aircraft movements per hour. Runway 24 is mostly used for departures, while Runway 01 is for landings.

The airport has two passenger terminals (Terminal A and Terminal B), one general aviation terminal (for charter and business flights), one cargo terminal, and 60 aircraft stands.

Vnukovo Airport is equipped with a VIP hall, which is used by many political leaders and important people visiting Russia. The Russian President also uses Vnukovo’s VIP facility. The Tupolev airliner rework facility is located at the edge of the airport, and major overhaul and modification programmes are carried out in several large aircraft hangars. On the northern perimeter of the airport, the government VIP transport wing is located, operating head-of-state flights for high-ranking government officials. Thus, the airport is occasionally closed for regular flights when VIP flights arrive or depart.


Vnukovo International Airport
Vnukovo, Moscow Oblast
  • +7 495 937-55-55