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Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport – Switzerland’s gateway to the world – is a quality airport in the heart of Europe offering excellent access to international, national and regional transport networks. Zurich Airport regularly wins awards for its excellent services, short transfer distances, friendly staff, cleanliness of its infrastructure, reliability of its processes and other quality indicators. This performance can be credited to around 27,000 employees at more than 280 partner companies, who ensure each day that passengers and visitors enjoy the time they spend at Zurich Airport.

As a diversified business and a listed company, Flughafen Zürich AG operates  Zurich Airport – Switzerland’s most important transport and meeting hub.

Flughafen Zürich AG has around 1,700 employees across four business areas. The company focuses on its core activities: national and international airport operator, operation of the commercial centres in the landside and airside areas, as well as income-oriented management and further development of real estate at the Zurich location.

In the formulation and implementation of its strategy, Flughafen Zürich AG underpins the three aspects of cost-efficiency, environment and social responsibility. In this way it aims to increase the company’s competitiveness and credibility and achieve sustainable value creation. It is constantly having to strike a balance between capacity, complexity and noise.

Airport Profile

  • Powerful Hub

    Zurich Airport’s unique location in the heart of Europe makes it the ideal transfer point for global air travel. It is an active traffic hub handling more than 725 flights and 1100 tonnes of cargo daily.

    Premium traffic airport
    Zurich Airport is a bustling international airport that served 26.3 million passengers in 2015, almost 28% of which were transfer passengers. Characteristic for Zurich Airport are high seat load factors and an extraordinarily large percentage of premium traffic. 33% of the traffic is business related.

    Zurich Airport is also the ideal regional gateway offering convenient access to all of Switzerland and neighbouring countries.

    Passenger key data 2015 by regions 2015

    Number of passengers (millions) 26.3
    Number of flight movements 265,095
    Freight volume (tonnes) 411,779
    Number of destinations 169
    (scheduled and charter)

    Source: Zurich Airport, data warehouse 2015
  • State-of-the-Art Operational Facilities

    Zurich’s high-quality airport ranks among the world’s most modern airport facilities and is designed to meet the highest expectations. Use of innovative airport technology ensures smooth flight and passenger handling.

    Among its key features are:

    Check-in 1 & 2
    Check-in areas 1 & 2 are conveniently close to the car parks and offer a total of 149 check-in counters and 26 check-in machines.

    Check-in 3

    A few steps away from the bus terminal, the railway station and directly adjacent to Parking 3, this check-in area is user-friendly with over 33 check-in counters and 10 check-in machines.

    Airside Center
    An enormous central passenger hub in the non-public area, accented by soaring architecture of towering glass and steel. Located between Gates A and B, the Airside Center offers over 70 shops, restaurants and bars as well as many spacious lounges for comfortable waiting.


    This fully automated rail system smoothly connects the Airside Center to Gates E in just two minutes.

    Gates A/B/D/E
    Zurich Airport has 96 gates, 25–49 pier stands, 16–46 remote stands and 6–11 additional dock stands for aircraft parking for longer periods.
    Gates A: 33 gates
    Gates B/D: 36 gates
    Gates E: 27 gates
    Zurich Airport is fully A380-compatible.

    De-icing pads
    Environmentally friendly de-icing pads are located close to runways for efficient service prior to take-off.

    Baggage sorting system

    Baggage enters the sorting system upon check-in or arrival of transfer passengers, where it is automatically security checked and delivered to the respective sorting bay. The system is designed to smoothly handle connecting times as short as 40 minutes.





  • Infrastructure Developments

    The airport operator continually strives to increase passenger comfort. Some significant improvements that have taken place over recent years are the newly constructed Dock B and central security building and the Terminal 2 upgrade and curbside lane refurbishment.

    Terminal 2
    The total renovation and expansion of Terminal 2 brings an essential component of the passenger infrastructure at Zurich Airport up to the technical state of the art and enhances it operationally, architecturally and commercially. 16 new counters have been added to the check-in area, as well as additional retail and office space. The redesign also included Arrivals 2 and the entire outer façade.

    Centralised Security Check Building

    Since 2011, security checks for local passengers have been centralized in a single building. All departing passengers go through a security check directly after check-in and before they enter the non-public zone. Following check-in, all locally departing passengers will be security checked when entering the non-public area of the airport. Having passed through security check at an early stage, passengers can better manage their airside time and enjoy airside shopping and dining.

    Dock B

    Opened in 2011, Zurich Airport’s Dock B is the cutting edge in functional airport design with its modern facilities for departures, arrivals and transfers, whilst also beautiful with sweeping views, cheerful colours and a full range of facilities for passenger comfort. Thanks to the two passenger levels at Dock B, Schengen and non-Schengen passengers can be processed at the same time.

    Curbside lanes
    In 2016 the newly refurbished curbside lane system came into operation. In addition to the renewal of the traffic lane and  other surfaces, a new, centralised taxi pick-up zone was created between the arrival halls. A roof structure nearly 350 metres long was created above the check-in level. A master lighting and signage concept enhances the whole area, making it easier for people to find their way on both levels. The layout of the curbside lanes is now clearer for passengers. Moreover, the curbside lane bridge in the Check-in 2 area has been extended.

    OSS (One Stop Security)
    Transfer passengers arriving from destinations that meet EU security standards no longer need to be rechecked. This simplifies the transfer process and is especially helpful for passengers with short transfer times. All other passengers are security checked upon arrival and then have access to shopping and refreshment opportunities as well as to the waiting areas.

    The Circle

    “The Circle” will be a service centre at Zurich Airport. Just steps away from the terminal buildings, the new, architecturally striking complex will buzz with life and services. With the atmosphere of an international business district, it will be a location for business and lifestyle. “The Circle” covers 180,000 square metres of usable space and will cater to a number of purposes which will generate synergies: two Hyatt hotels and a Convention Center, international brands and companies in its squares and lanes, a medical centre operated by University Hospital Zurich, well planned, state-of-the-art office space and a wide range of further offerings in the fields of art, culture, dining, entertainment and education.


  • Cargo Handling

    As a highly-efficient cargo hub, Zurich Airport handles over 400,000 tonnes of freight annually.  Its modern infrastructure makes it an absolutely reliable partner for cargo of all kinds.

    Accurate cargo handling
    More than 1000 tonnes of cargo are handled daily at Zurich Airport. Cargo handling is concentrated at a central site close to the aircraft dock stands, reducing transfer and delivery times to a minimum. Any type of cargo can be handled with our comprehensive range of cargo services. The fully automated cargo terminal, with a capacity of up to 700,000 tonnes, is equipped with a ULD stacking system and a warehouse for consignments.

    Cargo is handled professionally and efficiently by well-qualified staff on two levels spread over 33,000 m2. The fully automated mail centre serves as a primary gateway for printed materials, letters and parcels throughout Switzerland. Its central location makes Zurich Airport the cargo gateway to all of Europe. Switzerland’s dense road network connects Zurich Airport to all Swiss business areas, as well as Southern Germany, France, Italy and Austria.

    In 2016, for the fifth time in a row, Zurich airport received the Air Cargo Excellence Award for European airports in the category of
    up to 400,000 tonnes of air-freighted goods.

    Zurich Airport offers the right infrastructure for all categories of special cargo:
    • Valuable cargo is safely handled in a dedicated area under strict security precautions.
    • Perishable goods are processed in a temperature-controlled environment.
    • Live animals are properly cared for by qualified personnel in the live animal station. An on-site/on-call veterinarian is available.
    • Radioactive materials are stored in a hermetically sealed area, where they are fully shielded and protected against theft.

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