5th Wheel Trailer Mounted Elevating ATC


The 5th Wheel Mobile ATC Trailer, is towed by a standard commercial truck equipped with 5th Wheel coupling and air brakes.  The axles are supplied with “Super Single” wheels and air suspension which provides a very stable on-road towing platform and allows the whole trailer to be raised to a higher ride height to give an improved ride on rough terrain if required.

Hydraulic stabilising legs provide a wide base for stability and the self-levelling system automatically ensures a “level” of less than 0.5° degrees.  The highly stable hydraulic scissor lift elevates the 20ft VCR container to a floor height of approximately 6m providing ATC Operators (ATCOs) a seated eye level of around 7.5m. Accidental raising or lowering of the tower is prevented by physical safety interlocks and positive hydraulic drive up and down.

Steps to access the VCR are stored in the trailer and are adjusted to provide access at both intermediate and full operating height.  LED lighting to ensures safe access at night.  Storage lockers are also provided for other deployment items including antennas, meteorology sensors, obstruction lights. etc.

The MVCR cabin is built from raw materials to provide the highest manufacturing standards and to provide acoustic and thermal isolation, but it is manufactured to be dimensionally compliant with a 20ft ISO Container for shipping, transport and airlift.

Industry guideline tinted, sloped, double glazed windows and blinds are installed as standard, and aluminium covers are provided to protect the windows in transit.

Internally the MVCR is equipped with a shock mounted 9-bay, 19” rack-based console, providing space for the ATC Equipment.  Professional advice on ATC equipment to be installed can be provided, or we will work with customer preference for equipment.

The console provides working space for 3-4 ATCOs seated comfortably and is hinged to allow engineers to access the ATC equipment for maintenance and repair.

Day and night (Red) gooseneck lighting is provided for each operator, and in the ceiling for ambient lighting whilst lighting for engineers is provided by a dimmable LED lighting strip under the console script.

Double Air Conditioning Units (ACU) supply environment control, which can be supplemented by an additional ducted ACU to send air to the console for equipment cooling.

Once the ATC Cabin is dismounted from the trailer, both VCR and Trailer can be loaded into a C130J (or larger) aircraft.  Rollers are fitted to the trailer bed to allow the VCR to be rolled off the trailer and into the aircraft.  Umbilical cables that are disconnected and stowed prior to transit supply Communications and Power to the MVCR.

A 17kVA Generator mounted on the trailer platform provides independent power to the tower, and if supplied by mains, an Automatic Mains Failure Unit switches the Generator on in the event of loss of power, and off again once a stable supply is restored.  A UPS keeps critical systems alive until the generator comes online.

  • Towed by commercial 5th Wheel HGV vehicle.
  • Fitted with radios, VCCS, voice recording an weather monitoring options to meet customer requirements.
  • Fully operational in 2 hours, rapid deployment by 2-3 men.
  • 360 degree visibility tinted glass with optional ballistic protection available.
  • Self contained system.
  • Mains or generator powered.
  • Generator on Trailer step can be remotely located.


Lowered position:
9.72 m long
3.90 m high
2.50 m wide

Raised position:
14.90 m long (inc stairs)
8.20 m high (to roof top) + antennas
4.94 m wide with stabilisers deployed