Runway Caravans


Runway Caravans are normally parked at the touchdown end of the runway close to the threshold.  Their purpose is to provide shelter and communications for an ATC Controller whose role is to visually inspect an approaching aircraft and provide radio or visual warnings of any issues on the approaching aircraft to the pilot.  This may be by radio, Signal Light Gun, or in a worst-case scenario, a pistol flare. Usually equipped to provide basic Air to Ground Communications between the Controller and pilot, and Ground to Ground Communication to the ATC Tower for coordination the caravan is designed to be towed or driven to the threshold and deployed very quickly.  This is important in the event of runway changes where approaches are changed due to changes in wind direction.

In conjunction with the customer Mobile ATC Systems can design, build, and integrate a design suitable to meet customer requirements.  The choice of trailer or vehicle mount is driven by the customer’s preferred concept of operations.

Runway Caravan – Trailer


4 m long + Tow Bar
2.80 m high
2.25 m wide

Runway Caravan – Vehicle


6.60 m long
3.30 m high
2.25 m wide + Wing Mirrors