AFC-22 Jet Engine Cooling Unit


A professional cooling system for aircraft engines. AFC-22 main unit is connected to the jet engine’s exhaust nozzle with a flexible hose that has a special made vacuum adapter.  This causes ambient air to flow through the core engine. That will cool down the core engine in fraction of the time typically needed. Custom fit vacuum adapters are available for different engine models.

AFC-22 enables an efficient engine maintenance for our customers and minimizes the aircraft downtime. For example, RR Trent XWB normal cooling time is about 4-5 hours (depending on the ambient air temperature). By using AFC-22, it takes only about 45 min to reach 45 degrees C EGT. This will enable shorter waiting time for starting eg. borescope inspections or other hot section maintenance.


Voltage                                       400V
Current                                       16A
Cables                                          5 x 2.5mm2
Frequency                                   50 Hz
Suction speed                             11,3 m/s
Suction power                            1,4m2/s 500Pa
Device width                               700mm
Device length                              1800mm
Device height                             1300mm
Device weight                             170kg
Vacuum Adapter diameter      1800mm *
Vacuum Adapter weight          20kg *
Hose length                                 6000mm
Hose inner diameter                 400mm

* = RR Trent XWB Adapter