Aircraft Refuellers


Jet-Teknoʼs rigid, semi and full trailer aircraft refuellers are designed for efficient and flexible operation. Durable and well-equipped, they provide a practical solution for both civilian and military purposes. Overall versatility, low-profile and integrated lift deck equipment make our refuellers suitable for various refuelling needs.

A capacity of up to sixty-five thousand litres and high fill rate ensure fast and efficient refuelling. Jet-Tekno has expertise in difficult environments and demanding operating conditions. Our know-how, combined with a choice of premium materials and components, helps us design and construct robust and reliable vehicles without any compromises.

  • capacity up to 65.000 litres
  • rate 40 – 4000 l / min
  • rigid, semi- and full trailer
  • low profile combos with lift deck
  • filter/water separator or monitor-filter
  • meter, mechanical or electronic counter
  • closed sampling system
  • stainless steel fuel lines
  • civilian and military vehicles
  • equipment for additives