Aviation Refuelling Systems


Jet-Tekno fuelling systems provide a perfect solution for aviation refuelling purposes. They feature a double skin tank and several automated, easy-to-use functions. Our refuelling station is built to flammable liquid storage requirements and conforms to the EN-12285-2 standard. It is equipped with stainless steel pipes, a tank with a floating suction system, a preset metering system, and a remote leak detection system monitoring the inside of the equipment compartment and tank cavity.

The lighting, pump control and hydraulic hose reel have automated functions that guarantee simple and effortless operation. Tank filler fittings and filter are located conveniently inside the equipment compartment. Work ergonomics was our main focus in the design of the sampling station.

The Jet-Tekno aviation refuelling station is designed for safety, ease of use, and low lifetime costs.

  • capacity up tp 100 000 l
  • double skin tank
  • conforms to EN-12285-2
  • conforms to specifications for flammable liquid storage (possible to build as ADR-approved version)
  • stainless steel fuel lines
  • GSM leak alarm system for equipment space and tank cavity
  • tank equipped with floating suction system
  • automated lighting, pump control and hose reel hydraulics functions
  • preset metering system
  • hydraulically operated hose reel
  • tank filler couplings and filter inside equipment space
  • ergonomically designed sampling station
  • low maintenance costs
  • easy to use