Airport Line Marking Machines


Borum offers a wide range of specific airport self-propelled line marking machines that can be tailored to the customers’ requirements and needs.

In accordance with the line width you require, a wide retainer and up to 5 paint spray guns and 5 glass bean guns can be mounted. This assures that the application is performed in a single pass and can be up to 125 cm (approx. 49 inches) depending on line thickness, work conditions, and application speed.

All cold paint Borum machines are equipped with a sliding retainer frame as standard that makes handling the application equipment easier and quicker.

Furthermore, Borum cold paint application machines can be equipped with more material tanks (and separate airless pumps), so that multi-color marking can be carried out simultaneously.

Available paint capacities: 2 x 220 L, 440 L, 2 x 440 L, 1000 L, 440 L + 2 x 220 L. Other combinations possible on request.

Check out for available models and technical specifications.