AscendXYZ Avian Radar


Radar detection of birds

Imagine being able to predict bird activity to minimize the bird strike risk while at the same time having an overview of your airport area with real-time guidance for bird control staff, enabling a swift and effective response. AscendXYZ Avian Radar solution makes it all possible. Furthermore, it gives you access to automated reports and KPI’s that can be integrated smoothly into your wildlife risk management program with minimal work on your end.

  • 24/7 Radar detection of birds – we offer you an easy to use end-to-end service that covers up to 150 km2.
  • Real-time bird control guidance allows you to react in real time and take appropriate mitigative actions, making your airport an unattractive feeding area.
  • Bird activity forecast enables you to plan appropriate mitigative actions and staff effort during high-risk periods without interrupting airport operations.
  • Bird hot-spot identification pinpoints problem areas in and around the airport and helps you to take action to minimize future risks.

The AscendXYZ Avian Radar solution is an easy to use end-to-end service delivered to you in an intuitive interface together with automated reports that leave your hands free to take action.

We made it easy to get started. Since we are offering you a service, you can leave it to us to handle maintenance and insurance while you focus on the result. Tell us which service level you need, and we will help you identify the best location for the radar as well as deliver and install the system for you. All you need on your end is an external power source and internet connection. The user-friendly data will be available to you soon after, and you will be able to act on the results right away. User experience and usability of our solutions is the main focus for us. We are with you all the way – ready to help, guide, consult, and collaborate.

AscendXYZ supports safe uninterrupted aircraft operations worldwide.