AscendXYZ Wildlife registration


Wildlife registration used to be complex, time consuming and often missing important data. With the AscendXYZ Wildlife Registration Solution the process becomes quick, easy, and flexible. With our solution you can register wildlife with just a few touches on a tablet or smartphone – on site, with a direct view of the situation and minimal risk of forgetting or overlooking important points. This in turn offers you:

  • Reduced risk
  • Better documentation
  • Peace of mind
  • Time saving

The AscendXYZ Wildlife Registration Solution is an essential tool for understanding and mitigating the risk of wildlife strikes. The service is available as an App for mobile phone and tablet. The data is available for you right away, 24/7, in a digital format or as reports for management, specialists, and bird controllers. You can easily add new species, bird controllers, new tablets, wildlife risk levels and more to your reports through our web portal, allowing you to work flexibly and efficiently.

We will tailor the AscendXYZ Wildlife Registration app to match the needs of your airport, integrating the solution seamlessly into your existing safety management system and requiring no system changes or adjustments on your part. You will be ready to register wildlife activity right away.