The purpose and basic functions of ANSTAFF are to allow Air Traffic Control (ATC) Unit Managerial staff to manage ATC personnel productively and appropriately.

All personnel management processes are automated and based on employee data processing, work shift planning (shift rostering), pre-shift briefing, and provision of ATC Unit, and ATC Unit personnel data statistics.

ANSTAFF is a modular solution that can be used as a standalone or as an extension of an already existing customer HRM system for ANSPs.

The composition of the ANSTAFF system configures three modules:

  • Personnel management,
  • Shift planning,
  • Briefing

The Personnel management module consists of:

  • ATCOs database and extension,
  • Event tracking & notifications,
  • Documents & reports. The assistant User guide is also included.

Database (including database extension) includes:

  • ATC Unit and ATC unit employee’s data,
  • general work and rest time rates for employees, established by local labor law/enterprise agreement,
  • license and endorsement validity,
  • predefined approved ATC Unit configuration scheme.

Event tracking and Notifications.

Generation and notification of upcoming events determined in the system in terms of:

  • ATC Unit competence scheme,
  • English language,
  • medical health.

Documents and reports generator allows to:

  • automatically create a set of needed documents based on the user predefined templates at your finger click,
  • convert data from electronic to printable format,
  • gather statistical data for further staff planning,
  • evaluate theoretical and practical skills,
  • providing required data at the request of the employee or the national supervisory authority.

Briefing Room provides:

  • automated access to the required information,
  • required information to ATC Unit personnel to be familiar with before the operational duty begins,
  • dissemination of information based on “Proper information to the proper people” principle,
  • managerial monitoring of the awareness process,
  • storage of all creations and loadings to the briefing blocks done by authorized users, date and time,
  • live-chat opportunity.

Scheduling/Rostering allows:

  • ATC Unit staff roster automation,
  • planning of ATC Unit staff shifts,
  • management of planned and incidental events,
  • automatic checks and quick recalculation of rosters in case of incidental events as specified and predefined conditions and/or restrictions derived from labour low,
  • multi-user collaboration possibility based on dashboard concept.


  • Friendly UI
  • Export/Import data from different sources License and endorsement management Training management
  • Statistic and forecast
  • Personnel cabinets
  • Built-in messaging and live chats
  • Pre-shift awareness
  • Monthly shift rostering \Shift workforce planning
  • Home stand by duty
  • Templates-based new document creation


  • Add-on to corporate HRM
  • Keeps data safety
  • Streamline unsystematic data
  • Smart document management
  • Data analyses
  • Collaboration platform
  • Visible Progress
  • Change tracking monitoring
  • HR at your fingertips
  • Flexible deployment
  • Mobile application
  • Reduce corporate cost
  • Flat or subscription-based pricing