Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS), a proven, reliable and cost-effective solution, is designed to provide automated delivery of meteorological and operational aerodrome information to arriving and departing aircraft, as well as information about current and forecast weather by broadcasting high-quality voice reports and transmitting digital messages over the Ground-Air network, providing the following services:  ATIS,  D-ATIS, VOLMET, D-VOLMET.



  • Reduces workload,
  • Enhances flight safety,
  • Cost-effective and affordable solution,
  • Reliable, high-performance hardware and validated software,
  • Open system architecture,
  • Working position functionality is based on the assigned role,
  • Full redundancy of all subsystems,
  • Build-in cyber security,
  • Unauthorized access protection,
  • Embedded recording and playback with investigation functions,
  • Complies with ICAO and WMO International Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs),
  • Easy tailorable to customer needs,
  • Deploy options: standalone system, multisystem cluster with a single Data-link gateway and cloud-based solution.


  • Voice message broadcasting and data-link message transmission,
  • ATIS message generation: text-to-speech synthesiser and/or pre-recorded phrases,
  • ATIS/VOLMET reports over the PBX/VoIP,
  • Manual, semi-automated, and automated operational modes,
  • Control and monitoring system (CMS),
  • Data input: AWOS, AIM/AIS, AFTN, AMHS, Ethernet and RS-232/485,
  • Automated processing of METAR, SPECI, MET REPORT, SPECIAL, SIGMET, GRF SNOWTAM, TAF messages,
  • Supports ICAO Weather Exchange Model(IWXXM) and Global Reporting Format (GRF),
  • Supplementary meteorological information created manually and based on NOTAM,
  • Smart broadcasting scheduler,
  • Compliant with ED-137 and ED-138 Interoperability Standards for VoIP Air Traffic Control.