Aviation Buildings, Air Terminals, and Warehouses


Practical and flexible solutions for temporary and semi-permanent airport buildings to quickly create Air Terminals, Warehouses and Multipurpose buildings for aviation.

The modular Air Terminals choice can set up a ready to use building for an easy airport extension, to accommodate personnel in transit and capable of providing check-in and check-out areas.

The modular Warehouses can be the right choice for the luggage handling areas, customs goods, and material stock, also thanks to the wide range accessories and equipment included in the supply package.

Size, shape, and accessories can be customised to suit the aviation and airport industries. These buildings are completed with various access points (door and openings) and climate control, which is necessary to maintain a liveable and enjoyable environment.

Our constructions consist of an aluminium framework covered with technical PVC fabrics or rigid sandwich panels. The choice of the materials allows to ship low weights and compact volumes, a rapid assembly and impressive resistance to weather loads, like snow and wind.

Thanks to the reduced weight of our materials, our buildings can be anchored on any kind of surface without any need or with easy foundation work. This allows a very quick assembly in the shortest time and a significant reduction of the construction costs, with the possibility to relocate the building anywhere and anytime.

Benefits and Features:

  • Temporary and Permanent applications with the same building;
  • Long-lasting solutions (for both temporary and permanent);
  • Any-ground anchoring: no foundation or a very light preparation;
  • Quick installation and relocation possibility;
  • Low overall and ownership costs;
  • High resistance (snow, wind, earthquake);
  • Any size and shape. Custom design;
  • Thermal and noise insulation cladding materials.


  • Electrical and Lighting systems;
  • Additional insulation layers;
  • Insulated sandwich panels rigid cladding;
  • Air conditioning and dehumidification system;
  • Overhead cranes and working accessories;
  • Offices, additional areas, and appliances.