Storage Hangars for Aircraft


The best choice for the aircraft indoor parking and for its inspections. Our temporary and permanent hangar solutions can match any requirement uses at the airfield in the different geographic areas, by limiting the works on the ground surface. Thanks to the lightweight aluminium alloy frame, our buildings do not require or make simple, any foundation work.

Our standard or tailor-made modular systems ensure an effective design, quick manufacturing, and an easy shipment, even in a limited number of air cargo containers. The installation as well as any re-location or other activities can be performed fast, by ensuring high resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Every innovative cover solution is suitable for every type of aircraft in terms of size and shape. Additional accessories and options like can be delivered, like aircraft doors and other finishing and systems required to meet any operative demand.

The lightweight – high strength bearing frame ensure high resistance to the mechanical stress caused by wind, snow, and seismic forces, without requiring any additional structural reinforcement.

Benefits and Features:

  • Temporary and Permanent applications with the same building;
  • Long-lasting solutions (for both temporary and permanent);
  • The cladding choice: high-end flexible technical PVC membranes, rigid sandwich panels or hybrid versions;
  • Any-ground anchoring: no foundation or a very light preparation;
  • Quick installation and relocation possibility;
  • Low overall and ownership costs;
  • High resistance (snow, wind, earthquake);
  • Any size and shape. Custom design;
  • Thermal and noise insulation cladding materials.


  • Electrical and Lighting systems;
  • Additional insulation layers;
  • Insulated sandwich panels rigid cladding;
  • Air conditioning and dehumidification system;
  • Overhead cranes and working accessories;
  • Offices, additional areas and appliances.