BOREADES - CS counter UAV system to protect critical assets


CS is a major system integrator, involved in ATM, Defense and Security. Our headquarters are in France, south suburbs of Paris. Our key offers are:

BOREADES : Counter-UAV solution / area surveillance systems

CSoIP : Voice Communication Systems

SIMSAT : ATC Training simulators 

BOREADES is CS’ integrated solution capable of detecting, identifying, tracking and neutralizing malicious drones as well as localizing remote pilots. It has been designed to protect critical assets against micro and mini drones (span less than 2 meters). This system perfectly answers to the current airports security needs.

BOREADES is a SMART solution that can be deployed on any airport:

> Scalable: can be upgraded to extend capabilities

> Modular: configuration can be customised based on the need

> Autonomous: can be configure to operate with limited human intervention

> Rapidly deployable: can be used to protect events

> Transportable: BOREADES is based on light units packed in transport cases

BOREADES standard configuration includes a radar (3D or 2D), day/night video identification & tracking, and a jamming turret, all integrated with a real time command and control system built by CS. The sensors and effectors can be determined with each customer to answer specific needs.

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