CSoIP - CS Voice Communication Systems for ATC centers


CS is a major systems integrator, involved in ATM, Defense and Security. Our headquarters are in France, south suburb of Paris. Our key offers are:

– Voice Communication Systems

– ATC Centers and Training simulators

Counter-UAV solution / area surveillance systems

CSoIP for Communication & Security over IP is CS’ range of Voice Communication products. It benefits from a long experience with major and acknowledged customers such as DSNA (France), Skyguide, French Ministry of Armies and NATO.

Today, over 5000 CWP are equipped with CS solutions.

CSoIP’s product attractiveness has been highlighted by several key contracts won by CS for instance to provide the French civil aviation authority DGAC/DSNA to equip 25 French regional airports with main and backup VCS, 4 en-route centers with back-up VCS, and the Paris CDG airport towers and approach center with back-up VCS.

This is an innovative integrated IP-based solution offering a comprehensive range of ATC functionalities in Radio, Telephone and Intercom (RSoIP as radio switch, TSoIP as telephone switch).

CSoIP is based on a secure and redundant architecture which respects the most demanding quality and safety standards (EUROCAE ED153- SWAL3).

CSoIP’s main assets

    • Reliability and high availability
    • Flexibility and scalability
    • Comprehensive range of functionalities through an user-friendly environment

Full range of functionalities comfortably managed
The whole set of advanced functionalities for the radio and telephone is controlled from an optimized touch screen panel offering a tailor made HMI to intuitively interact with the system. CS engineering teams give top priority to user experience to offer air traffic controllers an adapted and comfortable working environment.

IP technology integrated into legacy equipment benefits
CSoIP also benefits from built-in gateways modules (VGoIP product) allowing smooth and performant connections between IP technologies and existing non-IP equipment.

Powerful voice and events recorder
VRoIP is an ED137 compliant secured IP based solution, suitable for all ATC centers. The security and confidentiality of records is protected with authentication security certificates. This solution is fitted with an innovative search engine to ease the retrieval of records.

Scalability for cost effective possibilities
CSoIP modular architecture allows to fit any control center configuration (Tower, Approach, En-route center) as main system or backup solution and authorizes easy possibility to scale your control center capacity according to your need.

Management and supervision
The whole system activity is monitored through CMoIP, a smart management tool which enhances administration, supervision and configuration on both technical and operational sides.

Refer to the commercial brochures on www@c-s.fr.