Business Aircraft Storage Hangars


Case study: Twin aircraft hangar project for Vienna Airport


  • 8,050 m2 of clear-span covered aircraft parking space
  • Fire safety requirements
  • Controlled environment for aircraft servicing
  • Gable opening as large as possible for easy aircraft manoeuvring


  • Two identical hangars measuring 56,7 m x 71 m x 10 m
  • Mirrored hangars joined by a concrete firewall
  • Installation of 100 mm PUR insulated sandwich panels (partner company Brucha)
  • Incorporation of fiberglass panel sliding doors (partner company Butzbach)

Case study:

In September 2019, Schwarzmann completed the twin airplane hangar – a prefabricated steel structure insulated with sandwich panels at the Vienna airport. The investor needed additional covered area for business aircraft storage in a short time with specific requirements.

A team of engineers, in cooperation with an in-house structural engineer, designed the mirror steel structure of the hangars, joined by a fire-proof concrete wall.

3D model of the twin aircraft hangars

Wind loads of 150 km/h at the building site did not present a particular challenge as Schwarzmann engineers have a lot of experience with strict requirements due to extreme weather conditions. For instance, in 2015, we delivered a transitional facility for logistics designed for gusts up to 284 km/h in Australia, and in 2018 we delivered a reinforced warehouse with a snow load of 345 kg/m2 to company Knauf in Austria.

The Vienna airport project had the prescribed measurements: 58 m wide, 72 m long and 10 m side height with no intermediate columns. Due to the specifics of the industry, many other hangar adjustment requirements have also emerged, such as the need for automatic sliding doors that allow the entire end wall to be opened and enable easy access for the aircraft.

We have provided a complete project management service: from coordination with the contractor of construction and preparatory works, design and production to the final installation of the facility with electrical and mechanical installations and insulating sandwich panels cover.

Installation of both hangars has been carried out in roughly 18 weeks since the completion of the preparatory construction works, which was a great advantage for the investor compared to delivery schedules which are typical for traditional buildings. The installation was conducted by several groups of installation technicians under the supervision of the project manager, who was in charge of communication with the client, as well as technical and other coordination with partners for additional equipment (Butzbach doors, Atmos light domes…).

Despite the complexity of the project and large dimensions of the structural components, the Schwarzmann team completed the work 1 month ahead of schedule through astute organization of lifting equipment and machinery.

Business jets in the first of the two hangars were able to be garaged after nine weeks from the start of installation. In a very short time, both hangars combined allowed the client to increase their garaging capacity by 100% to a total of 8,100 m2.