MRO Aircraft Hangars


Case study: MRO Aircraft Hangar at Ljubljana Airport

The investor is a Slovenian company engaged in aircraft maintenance and servicing, located at the Ljubljana Airport.

They had a long list of requirements and limitations, which included a limited overall building height due to nearby airport traffic control tower and compliance with strict air control/traffic safety regulations. In addition, the new MRO hangar was erected on existing tarmac with new concrete foundation and required a controlled temperature for the delicate maintenance and servicing activities, which was achieved by PVC membrane walls with added insulation.

An extremely short delivery time was a major requirement for the investor and it was key to adjust the facility to the requirements of the control tower and consequently reducing the structure height to a minimum but still fit the Airbus aircraft. If the modification would not be possible, the facility would have to be built at another location, which would delay the investment indefinitely. Because of the need to rapidly increase capacity due to investor’s existing partner orders, project relocation was unacceptable.

Several bidders came forward, but only Schwarzmann were able to design and implement the solution within the given delivery time. In the process of selecting a contractor, the client even confronted multiple bidders, where the bidders had to present their solution proposals before their internal approval panel. In this confrontation, the Schwarzmann team has convinced the investor with comprehensive answers to technical questions and practical experience as the most professional and suitable bidder.