GORGONA Duty free trolley


Airport trolley with aluminum alloy body and separated bumper with great cushioning performance.

Simple and beautiful design of streamlined body, equipped with 4 swivel wheels with super anti-friction, anti static and tangle-free natural rubber.

And our special advertising panel which prevents scratching of articles inside the basket.

Design patent ZL 200630024849.9.

Length: 740 mm
Height: 1.010 mm
Width: 545 mm
Size of the basket: 360 × 400 × 360 mm
Wheels: 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels 125 x 38 mm diameter
Rear side basket advertising panel: 360 × 260 mm
Advertising panels: 400 × 400 × 500 mm
Rated load capacity: 80 kg
Maximum Capacity: 120 Kg
Weight: 15 kg
Body, handle and basket: steel stainless 304 with treatment of surface of grinding
Rear and front wheels: TPR
Plastic joints: PP / PA
Surface treatment: Anodic Oxidation.