CRETE trolley


1. Configuration of fish shape anti-pinch joints, safety and practicality. Patent No.: ZL 200920087717 .9.
2. Use of load-bearing support is flexibility and durability.
3. Equipped with automatic braking system, reliable performance.
4. Configuration of round metal handle, feel comfortable.
5. Equipped with special stainless steel screw cap on the inside of basket.
6. Take the overall optimize design with chassis+ frame.

  • New anti-pinch joints
  • New load-bearing support
  • Stainless steel special bear wheel support

Model: CY-X3200-BG5
Rated load: 200 kgs
Max load: 300 kgs
Trolley weight: 22 kgs ± 2
Nesting Distance: 250 mm
Trolley Size: 1000 mm x 670mm x 1030 mm
Trolley Basket size: 570 mm x 220 mm x 150 mm
Wheels: 2 fixed wheels/1 swivel wheel
Wheel size: 180 mm Main Ad. Plate: 570 mm x 430 mm
Front the basket: 480 mm x 100 mm
Back the Basket: 480 mm x 120 mm
Trolley Body: Stainless Steel
Automatic Brake: Self adjust

Material of main parts:

Basket: Stainless Steel
Joints: PA, PP Color: gray, blue, black
Wheels: PA, Natural rubber
Handle: High Strength Aluminum Alloy

Surface treatment:
Frame: Electrochemical polishing
Handle: Dusting+Screen printing+Dusting
Basket: Electrochemical polishing