ECAC Standard Test Piece (STP)


Regular check of the accuracy of X-ray inspection systems by means of standard test pieces (STP) has been established in the EU by the decision of the EU Commission (2010) 774 and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC). Thus, all EU countries and some non-EU countries are legally obliged to regularly check and ensure the image quality and performance of their X-ray inspection systems. For this purpose, test kits contain samples of various materials with different densities.

Exposed Wire Standard Test Piece (EWSTP)

The EWSTP test piece is specially designed to regularly check Dual View X-ray inspection systems for accuracy; it can be used for all such X-ray inspection systems regardless of the manufacturer.


The standard test pieces are especially designed to check Single View X-ray inspection systems regularly for accuracy; they can be used for all such X-ray inspection systems regardless of the manufacturer. The test results are displayed in both MM and AWG format.


The large tunnel standard test piece (LTSTP) has been specially developed to test cargo X-ray screening systems. Our LTSTP is suitable to be used with major large tunnel air cargo X-ray machines. Each LTSP contains two exposed wire standard test pieces (EWSTP) either in millimeter or AWG format depending on clients need. LTSP is designed to sit directly on the X-ray machine rollers to ease users on daily verification process.

The STPs offered by us are manufactured in Europe and comply with legal requirements of the EU, ECAC, and DFT. The penetration capability of both test pieces rages between 14 to 30mm.

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