Instructor-led training for aviation security (Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1998)


Humans are the most important link in a well-functioning safety chain. STI follows this principle and implements the requirements of CIR (EU) 2015/1998 using a modular system for aviation security training in its on-site trainings. Due to the rich knowledge and experience of our trainers, they can include interesting and work-related topics.

To train control personnel with modern technology, we use combined training courses directly at the X-ray inspection system and supplement these, if necessary, with OTS® (Operator Training System). OTS® simulates all functions of X-ray image interpretation; This allows simultaneous training of X-ray image analysis of several training participants. Thus, the training time of a training of control staff can be used efficiently and their detection performance of dangerous objects can be significantly increased.

General security

  • Supervisor training X-ray inspection systems
  • Advanced training incoming mail, incoming and outgoing access control with identity check
  • Access control with identity check
  • Access control
  • Incoming mail screening

Aviation security

  • 11.5.2 – Instructor training
  • 11.4.3 – in regard to 11.2.5 – Retraining for security officers
  • – Screening personnel for passenger screening
  • – Screening personnel for staff control
  • – Screening personnel for air cargo / air mail control
  • – Screening personnel for in-flight supplies, airport supplies, or mail and carrier materials
  • – Screening personnel for vehicle control
  • – Screening personnel for airport access control, surveillance and patrols at the airfield
  • – Personnel for aircraft protection
  • – Personnel implementing security controls other than screening for cargo & mail
  • – Personnel implementing security controls other than screening for air carrier mail & materials, in-flight supplies and airport supplies
  • 11.2.4 – Supervisors of screeners implementing security controls
  • 11.2.5 – Aviation security managers
  • 11.2.6 – Other persons than passengers with unaccompanied access to security areas
  • 11.2.7 – General security awareness

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