FIBREFENCE GATE pedestrian and vehicular gates represent the natural completion of any FIBREFENCE fencing system. They share all GFRP’s intrinsic benefits, i.e. radio transparency, frangibility, great resistance to corrosion, UV rays and weather, mechanical resistance and very limited maintenance. FIBREFENCE GATES are extremely lightweight compared to any equivalent steel solution, and this makes possible to reach very wide apertures with no need of heavy and complex supporting structures or columns. Moreover, GFRP designed frangibility represent a further guarantee for means of rescue faster and safer access in case of emergency, even at gate closed.

Characteristics and advantages :
• Radio-transparency
• High mechanical resistance
• Frangibility, in compliance with Icao “Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 6, 1st ed. 2006” standards
• Resistance to corrosion
• Resistance to heat and UV rays
• Possibility to combine with FIBREFENCE MESH and FIBREFENCE PIPEWORK systems
• No need for maintenance, even in the long term
• Design and manufacturing upon customer’s specifications
• Possibility to motorize the doors
• Possibility to install additional anti-intrusion and monitoring/control systems