Flight Information Display System (FIDS)


Real-time flight, gate, and baggage information for passengers, without the heavy hardware costs. AeroCloud’s FIDS pulls data directly from operational sources, so information is always accurate.

Save money on dedicated hardware. AeroCloud’s FIDS uses wifi-enabled boxes that plug into any commercially available HDMI screen. So you can set up the system across your airport, in nearby hotels, or wherever you need them without complicated installation.

Automatically display up to date information in terminal, gates or via our website widget. The AeroCloud platform drives the flight and gate data, or it can be collated from other data sources. You can even include baggage and ramp information.

Customize the passenger experience. You can add weather updates, advertising, news, social feeds, and your own messaging as you need.

Improve awareness of urgent messages. Alerts are centrally managed and can be issued across all screens in the airport simultaneously.

FIDS is part of AeroCloud’s modular airport management platform.