HI-SCAN 6040 - CTiX Advanced screening using CT technology


The HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX offers advanced screening of carry-on baggage using Computed Tomography (CT). It has TSA APSS 6.2 Level 1 certification as well as ECAC and STAC EDS CB C3 approval. C3 approved systems deliver a very high level of explosives detection and can also scan baggage without removing electronic devices and liquids – expediting screening and makes the whole process less stressful for passengers.

The 6040 CTiX gantry rotates at a constant speed as baggage is carried through it on the conveyor belt. Hundreds of images are taken to create 3D images in real-time, allowing for more accurate judgments on the bag contents.

HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX can be integrated with iCMORE automatic weapon detection. Click here to learn more.

Feature Highlights

  • ECAC and STAC EDS CB C3 approved
  • TSA APSS 6.2 Level 1 certification
  • Highest throughput levels through high belt speed (0.2m/s)
  • Laptops can remain in bags
  • High detection rate and low false-alarm rate thanks to MAT technology
  • Easily integrated into existing checkpoints