iLane.evo - Smart automatic tray return system


An effective, automatic tray return system is a primary checkpoint component. By delivering a steady flow of trays, it plays a critical role in streamlining the screening process and delivering the subsequent benefits of increased throughput; optimized operational costs; and an improved passenger experience.

Innovation in lane design and function can remove bottlenecks and keep the process moving. The iLane.evo from Smiths Detection features the latest developments and addresses the key issues of passenger divestment; tray loading and return; re-routing suspicious items; and ‘reclaim’ space at the end of the checkpoint. The automated screening lane delivers improved productivity, higher throughput and reduced operational costs which represent the measures and benefits of optimum operational efficiency.

iLane.evo is modular in design, offering the flexibility to develop a variety of configurations to meet different requirements and can expand to handle increasing passenger traffic. It is future-proof with the capability to incorporate new inspection systems and functions. In order to ensure the best possible overall results, iLane.evo seamlessly integrates into the other checkpoint components.

Feature Highlights

  • Modular design
  • Motorised automatic tray return system
  • Various parallel divest options
  • Automatic bag diverter
  • Defined interfaces for remote screening integration