Horizontal rail for aircraft maintenance and airport building


Horizontal rail system for Aviation:

The XSRail is a rigid horizontal rail system, combined with a rail glider, which allows the user to work safely at height. The XSRail rail is designed for installation in hangars and airport buildings.

The fall protection solution is also suitable for installation on ceilings, roofs or walls and optimized for aircraft maintenance.

The advantage of the rail system is the less deflection when a fall occurs. For this reason, the fall distance is much shorter than with conventional lifeline systems. In aircraft maintenance, there is often a limited clearance of height available. The XSRail is the perfect solution for aircraft maintenance. In combination with a self retractable fall arrester the Rail – System provides a maximum of safety for employees.

The XSRail can be mounted on moving trusses with remote control. The XS Rail can be mounted on aluminum trusses, which are equipped with electric winches. These trusses can be mounted in the hangar ceiling and can be raised and lowered by remote control as needed. The employee is secured overhead for all his work and can move freely.