Lifeline for aircraft maintenance and airport building


Horizontal lifeline systems:

The XSlinked, is a horizontal lifeline system which provides ultimate safety at height. With a horizontal lifeline system, a user wears a harness and is connected to a permanent wire cable track that runs through multiple anchor points which are fixed to an overhead structure, roof or wall.

The XSlinked Pro, is an innovative, multi-cable lifeline solution for aircraft maintenance. This fall protection solution offers maximum freedom of movement, for multiple users who have to work together efficiently. A XSLinked Pro Horizontal Lifeline system can be mounted on hangar ceilings, airport buildings as on roofs and walls. The XSLinkedPro system consists of two or even three lifelines. Users can connect themselves to different lifelines, so they can pass each other without disconnecting. This feature is what makes LinkedPro the most practical horizontal lifeline in aviation industry.